Sunday is the new Saturday…

Saturday morning has been “long run Saturday” for me ever since I quit working weekends about 11 years ago.  That’s a lot of Saturdays.  I always preferred Saturday to go long for two reasons:  1.  If something goes wrong, weather, stomach ache, you name it, then there’s still Sunday to get the run in.  All is not lost.  and, 2.  If there are fun weekend plans, they can happen after the run.  There’s no worries about eating food at a barbecue that will sabotage a long run, no worries a beer will cause dehydration…the run is done, so on with the weekend.  But kid sports have changed all that.  After several weekends, and two in particular of feeling like crap all day, I am finally giving in and admitting I just cannot run > 2 hours, shower, eat, and be ready to leave the house at 8:30 to spectate one of Jasper’s games.  Not to mention rushing out for errands immediately post game and not eating a real meal until hours after running 16 miles in high humidity (and not getting morning coffee either…the horror!…yes this scenario just happened to me).   Jasper gets Saturday, I’m taking Sunday.   Nothing goes on Sunday morning…it’s a relatively guilt free run.  Why did it take me so long to give in and change days?  I’ll just deal when social functions come up Saturday, and figure out a way to fuel my long run the next day, but Saturday has become so rushed and crazy, it’s the busiest day of the week.  Yikes!  I’ve also learned that finishing a long run in the Texas summer heat, and going straight from run to shower, means general misery the rest of the day.  For some reason, my body needs at least 10 minutes or so to cool down before a shower, or I spend the rest of the day feeling like I have a mild hangover, like I never quite “normalize” post run.  So bring on the Sundays!

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Fever boy returns and running through the pines…

When you spend your vacation in urgent care you get an orca…

Jaspy and I just got back from our trip to Washington to my parents’ house. We were about an hour away from Seattle on Whibdey island. 6 months ago I wouldn’t take him solo on a long flight, but he’s been doing pretty good so we gave it a go. He did about as good as I could have expected….there were still challenges but I never felt like he was out of control. BUT, he woke up feeling bad the day we left and started running fever on the airplane. He was roasting by the time we got there and said “my cheek hurts ” but pointed to his ear. I knew there was no way we could wait that out until we got home on another long flight, so off to urgent care it was…for pretty much a whole day. But otherwise we had a lot of fun. Can’t argue with cool temps, pine trees and beach in the midst of a Texas summer.

Running was heavenly. I didn’t take any pictures, because but here’s an interwebs picture of part of a route I did:

Photo from Langley half marathon website

Lots of pines, ocean views, and some roads so heavily forested it was like running in a green tunnel. Lots of hills. This is my favorite kind of running. All the beauty of a trail, but the smooth, worry free footing of a road. I did a 6, 8, and 7 miler, which was pretty decent mileage for a vacation. I also ate lots of good food, so the miles were appreciated!

Today is slowly about getting back to routine and re-adjusting to running in ing high humidity….although today wasn’t too bad. Fever boy is much better and slowly getting back to his routines. I’ve got some work in the running dept over the next week… this marathon is really approaching quick and it’s time to up the ante. So until my next pine tree fix…..Texas summer running it is!

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Holiday running and more…

Fuel on yesterday’s run…

I’ve had some good runs as of late. Last weekend I mapped out a hilly, pretty 14 mile loop starting and finishing at my house. It’s my new favorite run. It’s challenging, goes by plenty of parks for water and bathrooms, and in can add on little bits to make it longer. I did it again this weekend and made it 15. During the week I did a couple challenging runs with my new buddy, and I did a yoga class the night before my long run. Basically I made it a really tough week and I can tell I’m starting to get back into shape, ever so slowly. That’s one thing I love about marathon training. One week I can do things that two weeks ago seemed impossible. It was a binge training week with no off day. Stephanie was in town, and it was fun to check out the new boardwalk downtown with friends. Today was a slow run solo knowing tomorrow is an off day and my legs get a break.

Meeting friends at town lake was strange. It was a reminder those days where we ran through the hilly neighborhoods or did multiple trail loops followed by giant breakfasts at Magnolia cafe are gone. I rarely have time to make it town lake anymore, and I certainly don’t have time for breakfast. I also don’t eat giant breakfasts anymore because I am old and if I order eggs and queso I might as well just apply it directly to my thighs. It’s not that things are worse or better now…just different. I miss those days, but sometimes I love a solo long run through my hood finishing up at my doorstep and having my green smoothie while I stretch. Still memories are a nice thing.

It’s a cut back week since Jasper and I will be out of town. We are going to my parents’ in Washington. I’m curious if the mild weather will make running feel easier, because the humidity has been brutal this summer. Pine trees will be nice too.

Oh and Jasper is once again the real endurance athlete. 4 hours of swimming on the 4th. He hit his sudden out burst of “I can’t swim anymore!” At the four hour mark. It was impressive. Oh, and we’re a obsessed with snow cones. We have a trailer at Jasper’s school and one by our house. I’m getting to the point of needing at least one snow cone a day….

Snow cone eating….cotton candy for Jasp, Keep Austin weird for me (lots of tropical flavors plus whipped cream. Heaven.

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This week…

This week went pretty well for KC training.  While our summer is quite mild by Texas standards, the humidity is crazy high…like 90% + in the early mornings.  While I’ve adapted and can deal with it, I am definitely slower.  I pretty much type this every summer….so no surprises.  Ok, here goes:

Saturday:  This run was great!  I did a very mentally challenging runs of loops in my neighborhood with a midway stop for water refill in front of my house.  I dashed in for the bathroom and nothing like smelling fresh coffee brewing when I had at least 6 more miles to go.  But I made it back out for 13.2, and kept my head in the game the whole time.  A victory.

Sunday:  I met my friend Meghan for 7 miles in her neighborhood which is hilly.  We ran pretty easy, but I’m counting it as a hill run.

Monday:  I don’t even remember what I did, so  it must have been pretty standard.  Probably 6 easy miles.

Tuesday:  I am super proud of myself for this one.  7 miles, 91% humidity and hill repeats of big, giant hills.  Fireoak Dr. if anyone knows the area.  I hate running over to the hilly area in the dark, because it is just pitch black for awhile, but I sucked it up and did it.  Full yoga class that night where I still feel my hamstring strain, but every week it’s a little better.

Wednesday:  I was super sore…more so from yoga!  Man, I am such a wimp.  6.5 miles easy in the neighborhood.

Thursday:  Treadmill progression run.  I do the first mile at 10/ min pace…which feels faster on the treadmill and cut the time down each mile.  My plan was 7 miles but I had a couple mishaps with my ipad falling off and knocking out the safety key…which resets everything.  I also try to look at the mileage as little as possible, so I don’t mentally implode and just change my pace every 10 minutes.  So I really have no idea the total mileage.   I’m calling it 6.5.

Friday:  My usual morning walk, or yoga or short bike spin.  Gearing up for the weekend. 

I have running partners Saturday and Sunday!  This is unheard of.  A long run with a partner the whole way.  I don’t remember the last time that happened….seriously.  My goal in the next couple weeks is to really start getting those long runs up and start getting an 8 miler during the week.   This is all quite challenging, but I am still in the early, highly motivated stages of marathon training.  There are some challenges coming up with being out of town and I will have to do a long run on the treadmill pretty soon…but bring it, I am so excited for KC!

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A pretty good first week…

My 14 year old baby...

My 14 year old baby…

The first week of “official” marathon training was actually quite good!   I got in most of what I wanted to, and the only reminder that two weeks ago all I could do is limp, is one little sore spot on my left hamstring, which is only aggravated by yoga and sitting.  Running feels fine…finally!

Saturday:  My aforementioned 13 miles.  Although very slow, it felt great to check it off.

Sunday:  Jaspy and I let Mike sleep in and I did 7 miles on the treadmill while Jasp watch roller coaster videos on you tube.   Yoga core at night.

Monday:  Hills.  I’m aiming for one day a week of hills.  Granted I picked the wimpiest hill I do to start, but at least I did it.  A mile warm up, 4 one mile loops with my hill, and a mile cool down. 6 miles.

Tuesday:  Met a new running buddy!  I ran into someone I knew from pacing in my neighborhood while I was walking Cake a few weeks ago.  We couldn’t run together until I was healed up from falling, but finally got together.  She’s faster than me, but it was nice to push a little harder, and getting out the door early is soooo much easier when I am meeting someone.  Hopefully we can continue meeting up.  7 miles, 15 minute yoga short video in the evening.

Wednesday:  Woke up feeling like I was run over by a truck and struggled through my run, cutting it short.  Felt terrible all morning.  Mid afternoon, I thought maybe an extra snack might help.  After eating a pretty good sized snack  I was 100% recovered and felt fine.  Very strange.  Trust me, you would never look at my food intake and think I need to eat more, but I guess for one day I did.  I will keep this in mind though on days where I feel run down.   It was a good thing too….swimming with Jaspy in the afternoon.   Maybe from now on extra snacks are the answer and not more coffee.  6.5 miles

Thursday:  I had to be at work super early, so I did a treadmill run at 4:15 am, which meant a 3:50 wake up.   I am super dorky and always try to make my treadmill runs a 10K.   I am on the very tail end of Breaking Bad and sad about it.  I may have to rewatch this season of Game of Thrones that just ended as my next treadmill show.  It was soooo good.   6.2 miles.  Swimming with Jasp after work, and real yoga class in the evening.  Finished watching Fargo, then collapsed into bed.

Friday:  I always do a short walk on off days just to wake up a bit.  I suppose if I could sleep in I wouldn’t do it, but I feel groggy all day if I roll out of bed, go right to the shower then out the door.   Usually I feel pretty awake and alert until after lunch time when I treat myself to a latte if I am at work….and I am right now, and a latte will be happening within the next hour.

I’m looking forward to hopefully running a little quicker on my long run this weekend, and mapping out a nice, hilly route.  I also am excited I get to immediately dip my legs in the pool, as we have free reign of our next door neighbor’s pool for the weekend.  Jasp is in heaven with his own, private pool, and I am looking forward to sipping an IPA poolside on Saturday night!


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Feeling bonky and drinking milkshakes…

Marathon training had quite a kick off this morning.  It had to be the most humid day of the year so far.  I had hill repeats scheduled.  They went well and I think I am 99% back from falling a couple weeks ago (yay!), but by the end I was downright bonky.   A combo of tired legs, low carb dinner the night before and 98% humidity…all why doing my hills.  Who wouldn’t feel bonky?    It felt good to check off the first workout, but a little scary that it kicked my butt so hard.

And speaking of bonky…Jasper had his first bonk on Saturday.  We started the day with his basketball practice and game, then ran errands and a quick lunch, then his swim lesson, then two and a half hours at the pool with him never stopping movement once.  Finally he got out of the pool, climbed onto his towel and started crying. “I have to go potty and I’m hungry and swimming made me sick!!”  Yes, a classic bonk :  extreme hunger…check…sudden moodiness….check….suddenly feeling like you can’t continue…check.  All these quickly remedied with a squeezy apple sauce and pita chips.   Note to self:  force excessive snacks next weekend.

Sunday was a little more mellow with a trip to see How to Train your Dragon 2.  I LOVED the first one, and this one was just as good.  The anamation was even better.  I love that there are so many kids movies out in the summer for us all to see, and so many of them are so good.  Oh, and a tip for all the Austinites out there, the Alamo will let anyone order off the kid’s menu and the kid’s chocolate chip cookie milkshake is just the right amount of a treat.  It’s not so sinfully giant as the adult shakes are and how can you go wrong with chocolate chip cookies?  I’m eating lunch right now….I could really go for one, but we will have to wait for the next kid’s movie.  Also, I could really go for one for my next run if this humidity keeps up.   A sure fire way to prevent bonking.




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And the real athlete of week is……(not me)

The super athlete of the week...

The super athlete of the week…

Running this week was little baby steps each day to all the aches and pains from this dang fall resolving.

Saturday:  Only made it 7 miles.  I was concerned after this run.  I was still very sore.

Sunday:  Improvement!  I ran on the treadmill and started feeling glimmers of pain free running.  7 miles, yoga core at night

Monday:  More improvement!  6 miles in the hood and a chiropractor visit, with huge gains.   She reminded me that I probably just have to wait out some of the soreness.  Dang it!

Tuesday:  More improvement!  Another 6 miles in the hood, home yoga at night.

Wednesday:  7 miles.  A little sore with this one.  Then the real athlete in the family got his moment that afternoon.  I am soooooo proud of my angel.  He is swimming like a champ and can complete the distance required to pass his swim test to swim independently….a test normally not even given until kids are 5, but since he’s doing so good the Y said he could take it.    Only issue is he says he doesn’t want to take it.  I don’t want to push it and make him dislike swimming, so for now I will count an hour long session of continous swimming with him as a workout…but he’s the real swimmer, not me. 

Thursday:  6 on the treadmill with a couple short interruptions.  Real yoga class at night.  That hurt the sore leg some, but it’s better today.

Friday:  I walked a couple miles in the morning just to wake up. 

I spent a lot of time this week doing my chiropractor exercises to get these dang legs back to a pre-fall state.   It’s a bit of time suck, but this week was so much better than last.  I predicted this fall would take a couple weeks to work the kinks out, and that is proving to be the case.  Tomorrow’s attempt at a long run will be the real test.  The chiropractor left it up to me if I wanted to try one more visit or not and so far I’m thinking I’m done.  Just avoiding ANYTHING I might trip over.  Oh, and Monday starts marathon training….yippee!!!  So I need to be healed.   I can’t say enough how proud I am of Jaspy for being such a good swimmer….that was the highlight of my week!

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