Best Disney park and hard runs…

Hours spent this summer doing this…..

At Disney California Adventure….best Disney park!

The summer continues to fly by, and anytime I go anywhere near this blog I’m interrupted.   But my blogging would consist of “we swam!”, my workout nearly killed me!”, ” where does all the time go!”  

Last week we went on vacation to SoCal to visit family.  Jasper got to spend a lot of time with cousins all in his age range, so that was a lot of fun for him.  We also had TWO days at Disney.  Our first vaycay day everyone was at work and busy and we were on our own, and said its our money, why not do what we want to do and added an extra day at Disney.   We did California  Adventure, and I loved it.   All the best stuff from WDW in Flordia , but not spread amongst three parks, all in one.  Our top three rides were Tower of Terror, grizzly river Rapids and the Cars radiator springs ride.   I could do a huge post on how awesome I thought this park was but I’ll shorten it to just saying if you are in SoCal then do it!   The next day we did Disneyland with family and had a blast.  It was definitely more crowded than DCA though.   

So lots of walking.    It was a recovery week for the running group so that worked out great.  The morning we left I did our one hard session and was really sore on our first Disney day.  The other runs were all pretty easy and easily fit in with being out of town.  My aunt gave me really good directions to a bike path along the ocean, so I did that in 65 degrees.  Coach ordered easy pace, which I did, but I was still a little bummed I wasn’t any faster than easy pace at home despite no humidity and such mild weather.  This weekend was a really hard workout with race pace segments scattered throughout our whole long run, and I had no dinner the night before and had gotten in late.  I was also worried about the heat since I had had the last 5 days in really mild weather.  I got through it, but only due to my training partners.   We worked together with me watching pace and my buddy Rich watching time.   I love being part of this group and was really looking forward to hooking back up with them!

And back to work tomorrow.  Should be another crazy week.   I will be playing catch up and the workouts will be hard.    And there will be endless pool trips thrown in there too.   Gotta love summer…

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The new, “new” pace and busy summer…

Eleven years ago (yikes, time flies) I spent the summer converting myself to an ultra runner.   Everything about running was new again as we adopted “the new pace” (slower to accommodate more miles) and practiced eating on the run, and made new friends.   As is the case with most big goals, the journey was the best part, not necessarily  the final destination.   That’s sorta the case this summer.  Except not converting into an ultra runner, but a faster runner.  There is a new pace for sure….everything is either much faster or much slower.   I’ve got a nice little group of new buddies and it’s great to have the support on the hard days.  Even thought I still do a lot of the work solo, texting friends keeps me accountable.  This week was the first time I got a big drop in my track times which was really exciting.  I haven’t done this much speed work since high school and it was nice to see it finally took me to a new gear.    I have no idea if ultimately I’ll end up that much faster, but it’s fun to have all new routes, all new running and new friends.  

Otherwise summer is insanely busy.  I have no idea how we managed during the school year, and I already fear the fall for all the things that will be going on.   I had a mini meltdown this weekend that I just need one day that isn’t go, go , go from wake up to bed time.   Maybe this weekend?   I thought summer was supposed to be lazy…

And now some go, go , go begins.   Gym, day, swimming,  groceries, and vet appointment.  At least one small thing in this house seems to have an appointment every week, hence part of the insanity.  It may be an iced coffee day…

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Full blown summer…

Favorite summer treat, Sweet Caroline’s snowballs!

This week was our first week of summer break, a big build up week for running , and our first week of heat.  I quickly realized that even though I still have to work, not having a set time to get Jasper to school by does make the mornings a little more relaxed.   It’s not much, but an extra 10-15 minutes to run or have a cup of coffee feels fantastic.  I don’t think I realized how scheduled everything is during the school year.  We tried keeping Jasp home all day with me on my off day, Wednesday.  He did that before kindergarten, but we always had therapy appointments that ate up the day.   Over the school year I got very used to going to the gym and running errands all day and getting a ton done.  I told him we had to do a few errands and chores in the morning.  This week worked pretty well.  He went to the gym with me and we met up with a friend with boys his age, so he had playmates in gym childcare.   Then off to Costco where the trip only cost me a set of $10 early reader books.  If he runs errands with me it end up costing me something everytime….. Hard to argue with books though…..

So it was a big running week.   I was pretty excited that things are picking up.  I had a moderately tough track day, a marathon pace tempo run and then hills.  I also started a weight class with a gym buddy.   The gym run group was full of nice folks, but their shorter runs just weren’t helpful to marathon training so I gave it up.  A couple girls from the group got me to go to a weight class (similar to body pump) and I love it!  Every muscle group gets worked and I was sore after!  It meant giving up my yoga day and doing it another day (with not as good of a teacher), but I thought the weight class was that good.  No way could I replicate that workout on my own.  Plus I have weight lifting buddies….how cool is that?

The runs were tough as I mentioned but I am really starting to feel an extra gear kick in.  I’m doing more during the week and less on the weekend (very Hanson’s plan-ish).  I was happy with my times this week and that is pretty much never the case!  Next weekend we finally bump up the long run and I cannot wait.  

Summer is also in full swing.  Jasper had two days this week where he swam for 3 hours.  He also gets swimming at daycare and lots of outside time….this is all great but he’s been falling asleep at 7:30 and up at 4:30.   We can seem to break the  cycle because he’s playing so hard all day and tired from getting up at 4:30.   Can’t say I don’t mind the evening time but was irked this morning when he was up at 4:45 I was didn’t need to get up until 6:00, which is my sleeping in.   Sigh…..

And yes, snowballs!   It’s finally hot enough.  It has to be really hot for me to get a massive cup of ice but we are there!

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And so it begins…

Summer kicked off this week and I cannot believe I have no pictures….so you get DaVinci.  Jasper had his last day of school and I was able to leave work early to make it to their party.  We’ve already started endless swimming once the rain let up.  It rained everyday last week a ton.  Jasp and I are compiling a list of Pinterest crafts and desserts we want to make this summer.  If ever there was time to be envious of teachers….I wish I had summer off!  We have so many things planned!

This was a down week on the running schedule.   There were two workouts but they weren’t too hard.   The challenge this week was two days of 3:30 am wake ups for our conference at work.  I had to shuffle the schedule some and actually did a workout one of the days, waking up up just a little earlier.   I’m glad it’s done.  That is about my waking up early limit.  Combined with all the end of school activities, I was glad it was a down week.  I was pretty tired.  Today I ran alone and I feel like my “easy” pace is starting to pick up after a month of 2-3 consistent speed days a week.  This week is supposed to pick up miles and I’m excited.  I’m ready to feel like fall marathon training is really happening.  

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Autism speaks 1 mile run…aka get this kid some intervals, quick!

Proud finisher.

Free climbing in rock climbing class

Yesterday was the Autism Speaks 8k/ kids run.  I signed Jasper up for the kids run.   A friend was on the board of this event and we mainly did it to support her and give money to a good cause.  I was registered to race, but as I’ve learned in the past, it’s better to sometimes just focus on the kids run and not stress about warming up, etc with a kid in tow.  I ran my groups 10 mile hill route the day before and had to work pretty hard to keep the guys in sight so I wouldn’t make a wrong turn.  Woke up at 4:15 to get in a treadmill run before the kids run and it was raining….which ended up scaring away a lot of runners.  I had some friends there and it was so small I easily could have raced while they watched Jasp.  Dang it….plus there was nice gift cards for prizes that normally I wouldn’t be in contention for.   BUT, it was fun to cheer on my friends who did race and have a stress free morning!  Jasp totally rocked the kids run.  This was the first run he didn’t cling to me and sorta walk most of it.  He shot out at the start and I couldn’t keep up with him and he ran just about the whole way.  I was amazed how he transformed into such a little runner in less than a year.  It was a great confidence builder for him as he suffers from a little underconfidence.  The low turn out meant lots of time at the kids post race events.   After finally  showering 6 hours or so after I woke up, Jasp and I went and saw Angry Birds.  So many good looking kids movies coming out this summer…I can’t wait!

Today woke up to pouring rain.  It’s supposed to rain everyday this week, and I hated to bail on a run.   Tried to cancel with Steve but couldn’t reach him which was for the best because as he arrived it was light drizzle and we made it through the whole run.   Took Jasp to a trampoline place since it was pouring by mid morning, plus he’d been up since 4am, so go figure that he was bored by 9am. (An aside….I still cannot believe that he regularly gets up at 4:00).    Then he played with neighbors and swam in their pool the rest of the day.  He’ll be tired tonight.   And this is the last week of school.   We are so ready for summer!

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Workouts and birthdays…

First attempt at cake balls. Need to work on my dipping technique…

Three weeks into being in the running group and hit a snag of Mike being out of town for the weekend workout.  Coach was nice enough to do it with me Friday and then I was able to go to the core class immediately after.  I was off Friday to volunteer at school.  Hills + being pushed +45 min. of core= potential to be very sore.   Then I was outside in the sun the rest of the day at field day and then a pool party.  I tried my best to hydrate but I feared major soreness the next day.  I tried an Epsom salt soak for the first time and I am sold!  Not any leg soreness to speak of the next day.  Bad headache from dehydration though.  😞

This past weekend we had 4 kid birthdays plus regular stuff.  It was super busy and Jasper was just off all weekend with 4:30 wake ups and grouchiess.  It was one of those weekends I was actually ready for Monday.  I was on the treadmill and did a recovery easy run Saturday and then did my workout Sunday.  Jasper was up so early I had company the whole time for both and Sunday I told him I had to focus and to save all his requests for post workout.  I was impressed he let me do the whole workout and I made it another week of getting in all the workout days! Major victory.   Making cake balls was about the only thing I did that wasn’t a run or attending a birthday party.  

Assuming I complete my workout tomorrow I’m officially three weeks into my “real” workouts.   I must be doing them hard enough, because I truly run easy on my easy days.   I’m still looking very forward to bumping up to longer distances, but I can tell I’m in an actual process and I can already tell I’ve picked up the pace.  All this babbling is my way of saying I’m super optimistic and feeling very excited about the whole thing.  It’s all so new to me. I’ve been writing all my own plans for over 20 years.  This is a huge shift!

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Seems to be working…

Poop emoji cupcakes as requested by Jasper. They have a chocolate malt buttercream…mmmmm.

I survived my first week of real group training.  Sorta.  I couldn’t actually meet the group during the week, but did the two quality workouts on my own, but had a friend meet me for both, so I wasn’t truly on my own.  First off,it was more repeats than I would have given myself.  The track workout was not all that bad.  As with any track workout the first couple repeats seem horrible but then suddenly I realize I’m on number 6 and almost done.  The other quality workout was hill repeats and once again, it was more than I would have given myself but doable.  I was a little sore by Friday but I also  did some gym time and ashtanga yoga which always kicks my butt hard.  I will saying paying for the group does give me a great deal of motivation to do it.  Having someone else tell me what to do even though I could easily come up with workouts on my own seems to also make me do the workouts.   The miles are less than I would have done on my own but way more quality workouts.  I was excited to meet the group again this morning and ran a lot quicker than I would have on my own, plus company was nice.  So I think so far it’s working.  I’m signed up for an 8k in a couple weeks but may just do the kids run with Jasper, but if I do race it will be a great test to see if the speed work is starting to sink in.  

Also, I learned tonight that if you plan a very rare girls night out to dinner at a restaurant in a shopping area, and you are all runners, and there is a lululemon and an Athleta in the shopping area, it quickly becomes a very expensive night out.  🙄

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