It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cute Pancake picture…

So here it is…..Isn’t she cute spending her day at the park?!?


Huntsville State Park…My Goals for Rocky Raccoon

this week is somewhat dominated by getting ready to run Rocky Raccoon. I typically do not announce my race goals to anyone, but since I have a blog now, why not? So here goes:
1. Dream/ Best case scenario goal…sub- 9 hours
2. Really good/ I am thrilled goal…sub 9:25 (my previous 50 mile time)
3. The day is tough so I can be happy with it goal (for bad weather, tripping over a root, etc)…sub 10 hours
4. The day is awful goal (REALLY bad weather, illness during race)…sub 11 hour
5. I am one step away from requiring hospitalization goal…just finish
I think I can accomplish at least one of those!! Actually, I think 1 and 2 are pretty realistic if all goes well. You just never know about weather, and out there one fall over the evil roots could change a race. I just plan to go out, try and be positive, and hopefully I’ll get a western States qualifier out of it.


A beautiful day in Austin…

Wow, what a great day. Really nasty weather is on the forecast…I am a little nervous for Rocky Raccoon next weekend. I don’t know if I can handle 20 degrees for 9 hours or so. At least I didn’t sign up for the 100 miler….. On another note, Mike got his new smoker for his birthday today. I am looking forward to cookouts all summer…


Nothing beats good friends….

so everyone thinks their friends are the best, but I know mine are. I feel so fortunate that I have good girlfriends (and Steve) who love to do the same things I do. Good friends are priceless! On a totally unrelated note…..I am getting my ipod up to date and getting it ready for rocky raccoon. the new Shins album came out yesterday and I love it. I need to get more of the music of my youth on my ipod. I added Samiam for Bandera and it really got me going. I need to add the Housemartins. Anyone else like these bands? If you like the Housemartins, then I think I can imagine what you were like in high school……..On a kinda sad note, when I added samiam, I started thinking about all the early 90s bands I used to like that I no longer had their CDs. I looked a bunch up online and they all have out of print CDs. I guess I should have never got rid of so much my music….I wonder what happened to all those bands? They are probably lawyers and CPAs now…


A running post…

Since this is a blog about running..here is a running post! This picture is from Huntsville state park from the little Rocky raccoon 50K. Next weekend I’ll be running the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile run. There is also a 100 mile run at the same time. It’s a pretty big event. I’ll also be working the packet pickup. Should be fun. I am excited as this is my first big ultra since Vermont 100. I first heard about ultra running in high school. I was always interested in it, but never really thought I’d do it. A few years later, a few marathons later, and the Sunmart 50 mile run kept popping into my head. I finally committed to it and haven’t looked back since. I still do road runs….mostly marathons and half marathons, but I always think about how much more I like the atmosphere at an ultra. I love that it’s just about everyone supporting each other to have a good day, getting through the rough spots, and finishing strong. And, nothing beats the feeling of finishing. I honestly believe trail ultras are easier on my body than a road marathon. I just need to get psyched back up to doing another 100! Those are a little more of a mental undertaking. I still have a feeling I’ll try just one more….In the meantime, I look forward to my next challenge. I can’t wait to meet new folks out on the trail, that is really the best part about ultras. It’s so cool to meet so many different sorts of folks, who all do this seemingly “crazy” hobby. It sure is fun though….