Nothing beats good friends….

so everyone thinks their friends are the best, but I know mine are. I feel so fortunate that I have good girlfriends (and Steve) who love to do the same things I do. Good friends are priceless! On a totally unrelated note…..I am getting my ipod up to date and getting it ready for rocky raccoon. the new Shins album came out yesterday and I love it. I need to get more of the music of my youth on my ipod. I added Samiam for Bandera and it really got me going. I need to add the Housemartins. Anyone else like these bands? If you like the Housemartins, then I think I can imagine what you were like in high school……..On a kinda sad note, when I added samiam, I started thinking about all the early 90s bands I used to like that I no longer had their CDs. I looked a bunch up online and they all have out of print CDs. I guess I should have never got rid of so much my music….I wonder what happened to all those bands? They are probably lawyers and CPAs now…


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