Huntsville State Park…My Goals for Rocky Raccoon

this week is somewhat dominated by getting ready to run Rocky Raccoon. I typically do not announce my race goals to anyone, but since I have a blog now, why not? So here goes:
1. Dream/ Best case scenario goal…sub- 9 hours
2. Really good/ I am thrilled goal…sub 9:25 (my previous 50 mile time)
3. The day is tough so I can be happy with it goal (for bad weather, tripping over a root, etc)…sub 10 hours
4. The day is awful goal (REALLY bad weather, illness during race)…sub 11 hour
5. I am one step away from requiring hospitalization goal…just finish
I think I can accomplish at least one of those!! Actually, I think 1 and 2 are pretty realistic if all goes well. You just never know about weather, and out there one fall over the evil roots could change a race. I just plan to go out, try and be positive, and hopefully I’ll get a western States qualifier out of it.

4 thoughts on “Huntsville State Park…My Goals for Rocky Raccoon”

  1. No, Moogy….great photo, but I didn’t want to submit a bunch of photos of just me to the website. thanks for keeping up the the blogging…this is fun!

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