The early years of running…

Here are a few momentos from my high school running days. I have a whole box….I know, pretty scary. The hideous t-shirt is from the Prescott, AZ cross country invitational. It was a cool race. You only ran against other girls with your same ranking. For example, if you were the #4 ranked runner on your team, you only ran against other teams’ #4 ranked runners. One year I was the 7th runner, one year I was the 4th ranked. the year I was the 7th ranked runner, I kicked ass and blew the other girls away (ok, most schools could barely find 7 runners….so the #7 girl was usually some poor soul conned into doing CC who didn’t really run), the year I was #4 sucked. I had to work much harder…and didn’t finish first.
The red plaque is from the Mountain man biathlon in Flagstaff AZ (bike and run events were called biathlons then). I had a big mountain bike that I thought was bad ass. I was the only one there without a road bike. I cannot remember how far the bike was, but it sucked bad. I’m am sure my mountain bike weighed a ton by today’s standards. I was 17, and a freshman at northern arizona univeristy at the time. Walking really sucked for the next few days. A few people noticed the race number tattooed on my leg in sharpie and couldn’t believe I did the race (I had black hair, doc martins, and a Cure t-shirt at the time). I also have a ribbon from the jerome hill climb in the picture. this race was circa 1988. Jerome, Az is an old mining town that is now full of hippie, artists types….at least it was in 1988, who knows now. It has the most hilly twisty roads of anywhere in AZ. They had a lovely run, that was 5 miles all uphill…no flats or downs. I killed myself up that hill, and at the end was pushed on my cheers of “You’re second woman overall!!” (hey, I was 15 at the time, talked about feeling like a bad ass), I get to the top, and finish, having pondered what incredible prizes await me as second woman over all for the last few miles…and I got….a crappy ribbon that said participant. Not even a t-shirt. It was like the scene in “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie gets his little orphan annie decoder ring and it is just an ad for Ovaltine. I guess it counts for something that I still have that ribbon today….almost 20 years later…..


Spring is here…

Wow, another beautiful day. did what has become a sunday tradition, and hit the Greenbelt with Pancake and Meredith and daisy joined us. what fun. Ok, I totally should have planned a 20 miler….but that is next weekend. Our spring is short, but so incredible. Gotta take advantage and maybe do some bike riding in the next week or 2…..the long 9 months of summer will be here before I know it. One week without a race, and I am getting psyched for Prickly pear. it will be awesome to do something new. I also have to take some new picutures….


A favorite picture…

This is a picture from Woodstock, Vermont. I was lucky enough to go there last summer. It was a really beautiful, green place. I did my first, and so far only 100 mile run there. It was a place I would love to go back to. I didn’t have time to see nearly enough of it. One of the things I really liked was there are no billboards along the highways. So, every drive we did was very scenic. There were also real country stores. It was like a convenience store, except the food was homemade, and there was fresh, locally grown produce. I would love to do the run again someday and see if I can improve, and spend more time in the area. It has become one of my all time favorite trips.


Looking for a new adventure…

I am pretty booked up until the early summer with cool races….but then what? Now that several friends have admitted to reading Pancakeiscute, I want your input! What should I plan this fall? I can’t do anything that requires crazy travel plans, like a trip to Europe, or even any remote US locations, also nothing too extreme, like Badwater, or extreme mountain events….Otherwise…tell me your ideas. Marathons, ultras, bring it on. It would be great if anyone is looking for a adventure too…I am up for company. I also know some may be looking for a fall marathon…so let me know your plans too…maybe we can plan something.
I would also like to add, for those of us who do run, let’s not forget how fortunate we are. I got an email today about a family member with a very debilitating chronic illness. Unfortunatley, she has reached a point where not much can be done to relieve her pain. Paticipating in races, being able to travel and train is truly a gift. Sometines it’s good to stop a minute, and put it all in perspective.


AT&T Marathon…

Ok, most of the foot is from Rocky Raccoon, but the marathon didn’t help it. What a fun Austin marathon this was! I took ALL pressure off, having just focused on my race 2 weeks ago. Good thing too…I was not very fast. I ran with folks the whole way. The weather and new course were fantastic. A huge improvement over the old strip mall and overpass course. I added another finisher’s medal to my collection. It was such a treat to finish and be home so quickly.


“The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.”

Quote taken from my “Zen Dog” book. Photo from Walnut Creek.