First marathon story…

Ok, this picture has nothing to do with my first marathon, but it’s cute, and you can never have too many cute Pancake pictures. I did my first marathon in 2000, the Motorola here in Austin. I trained all alone, and did my long runs during the week before nursing school, because I worked on weekends. All was well until I got achilles tendonitis a month or so out. My longest run was only 16 miles. I took a bunch of time off, and signed up for the marathon the day before at the Expo. I figured I needed one of those gel thingies. So I bought one only. Race day came. Mike dropped me off at the start, I said see you in 3 and half to 4 hours. All was just fine until about 23 miles, when I hit the wall. I struggled over the last 3 miles and finished in 3:29. Still better than what I can run today. I found Mike and dry heaved the whole way to the car and swore I would never do that again, and that I hated it. Famous last words…..The next day I had clinicals for nursing school. I thought I might die. I couldn’t walk down stairs for a week. I’ve done it every year since, except for the year I gradulated and got married, I ran the half. New course this year…I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “First marathon story…”

  1. Famous last words…I’ll never do that again. Good luck in the marathon!! Before I signed up for Old Pueblo I was thinking about doing the double but I guess reason got the better of me. I have to find some photos of my beast to post.Do you run w/ Pancake?

  2. I loved your first marathon story, Clea. AT&T should be fun with the new route – we can do a little trail runners cheer if we spot each other in the mass mob of runners.Shan

  3. Shan and Moogy…the marathon is strictly a fun run for me. I plan to walk if I need to and take it easy after last weekend. Shan…you will be waaaaay ahead of me. Moogy: A double AT&T does NOT sound fun to me. Save it for OP. Pancake does the greenbelt with me, and walnut creek. We’ll be out on the GB this weekend, weather permitting. Post some pics of your dog!!!!

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