Postrun Pancake…

Here is a picture of Pancake post greenbelt run, and post bath this am. We had a nice little 7 miler. Despite being overcast, a beautiful day. Pancake easily puts in about 3 extra miles with all her running ahead and coming back to find me, and taking side trails, then coming back to find me. She is a natural athlete, although she is not very consistant with her training. She chooses to sleep in quite a bit. She seems to excel on hilly, rocky terrain. She is considering putting in for Western States next year, but travel is an issue. she gets carsick, so I don’t know how she would get to California. Maybe she’ll just stick with the Rouge trail series. She typically kicks ass on the Maze run at Walnut creek…

4 thoughts on “Postrun Pancake…”

  1. Hmmm…might have to set up my Edo w/ Pancake for a duel. He must put in some technical rock training though and unless there are some puddles for him he will have a serious problem hydrating. He just doesn’t like the little folding bowl thingies.

  2. We should get Edo and Pancake together. When are you planning a greenbelt run? Pancake just hydrates out of the creek and puddles. She seems to prefer it. There is plenty of water out there right now.

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