"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them."

Quote by Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh
Photo from the Woodstock area of Vermont.


Dreaming of sunny days…

The rain is coming in buckets. Looks like the greenbelt will be a distant memory for awhile. Can’t complain too much though…it was a very slow day at work, so I put in a half day and went home early. got a lot of chores done, and Mike came home early too. We went to BookPeople and had coffee and browsed. this is such a cool bookstore. The chains just cannot compete. It is worth the drive if you do not live nearby. I got some cards, as I currently have 2 books waiting for me, and I am finishing up “the Omnivore’s Dilemma”….a pretty good read. I checked out some Alaska books, and looked at photos of things I might get to see. Soon, it will be all sunny days…


Enjoying the weekend in Austin…

Here’s a photo of the Prehistoric Gardens here in Austin. Not really a place to run, but a very cool place none the less. It is landscaped in plants native to the area a few million years ago. Mike and I were there walking around today. Had a nice solo greenbelt run today. This weekend a was cutting back on mileage weekend, since last weekend was the 50K. Next weekend will bump back up. I generally run 5-8 miles a day M-Th, then a long run Saturday and mid distance run Sunday. I try to use races to get in some of the long runs, makes it way easier that way. I don’t do track, or repeats or things I hate. I try to do a couple of my runs quicker than the others a couple days a week, and just about every route I do here is hilly, so I don’t really search out special hill runs. I guess I am a pretty ‘boring” runner. My favorite routes in Austin are the town lake trail loop (an exception to the hills), Stratford dr (while difficult, it is absolutely beautiful), the greenbelt powerline, Balcones Dr, and Walnut creek. One run I’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to try is the scenic drive between Bastrop and Buescher state park. It’s shaded with pines, it’s super hilly and it is a 24 mile route. anyone interested in giving it a try with me?


Pancake Update…

Pancake had her vet follow up visit yesterday. The vet trimmed some more dead skin off and her soft cast continues for another week. the sock seems to decrease her desire to lick at it, hence eliminating the need for the horrible lampshade all the time (she still gets it at night and if we are not home).
In other news, I signed up for RHR 50 mile. Only because I had a couple drinks, then got on the computer. that’s how I ended up doing Vermont last summer, after 1 or 2 too many I dropped an application in the mail. I guess I have to keep up the long runs for awhile…and cut down on my drinking.


Favorite running goodies…

Here is an old pic of me in some of my favorite running gear: pink shorts with a nice mesh pocket in the back for gels. I have to have shorts with big pockets. I just got some nike shorts with 2 big zip pockets. Zipper pockets are a plus. I am such a terrible shopper…I always tend to gravitate to running gear when I am there for “real” clothes. With really cool stores now like Bettysport, Paiva, and REI, I am never far from running stuff. My current favorite items are capris, running skirts (I just ordered a cool aqua colored one), and my “racing” socks (coolmax anklets with a skull wearing a pink bow on them). My new favorite gels are the Power gels with extra salt and caffeine. I love the double latte power gel. It’s crazy how many flavors there are now. Things have come a long way since high school. I had one pair of tights and on the other cold days I wore shorts with long underwear underneath. I only had a couple pairs of real running shorts. We all used to cut old sweatpants into shorts and run in those. there were not gels, but then again, I never ran that far. My first real running outfit wasn’t really that long ago. I would just buy odds and ends on clearance. Mike got me matching Nike dry fit shorts and sports bra one Christmas when we first met. I’ve been hooked on the good stuff ever since…


Prickly Pear 50K Report

What an awesome race! I traveled to SA with Stephanie and Meredith on Saturday am. McAlister Park, the race site, was right off the highway, so it was very easy to get to. The early morning hovered in the 50s, which to me is perfect weather.
We met up with Moogy at the starting area, and he had our packets waiting for us. We got nice tech shirts, always a plus. We said hi to Bill, the RD, and before we knew it, we were off in to the wilderness of suburban San Antonio.
The first 6 or so miles were in darkness, so we watched a pretty sunrise. The first part of the course I named the “Prickly Pear” section. Lots of large prickly pear cacti along the nice very easy single track, and not a hill in sight. The first aid station was after a little section where you were reminded this was a suburban park, but still very pretty. Next you entered the “forest section”. This was probably the longest section. The recent rains made everything extremely green, so it was just lovely. Still flat and easy. A really nice touch you don’t usually find in trail runs were mile markers. After the forest section, there was the levee section. This was along a big flat levee, which lead to final part of the course which was a little forest and a little suburban park. The last 2 miles included 2 water crossing and the course’s only hill. The 2nd water crossing was waist deep (after the run, I learned if I had not gone right down the middle of the crossing and veered right, I could have only got wet to me knees).
I finished loop 1, and really enjoyed the course. Lots of variety of scenery and very easy and runable. I started loop 2 with a gel and felt it come up from my stomach into my throat. I thought this was temporary, but I continued with waves of nausea for the rest of the loop. I normally have a stomach of iron, so my best guess is the Heed that the aid station served just didn’t agree with me. I did my best to force another gel and fluids, figuring if I got a little bit of calories I could make it to loop 3 then just do water. I ran solo a lot, except for running into the folks doing the 10 mile course. It was a relief to finish loop 2, because I knew I could make loop 3 on just sipping water and get the awful waves of nausea to end.
Started loop 3 and ran the whole thing without seeing another 50Ker. I tried to enjoy this one. The sun was coming out, but I was still quite comfortable. About mile 26 or so, I realized the nausea had pretty much ended. I guess a good lesson if it ever happens in a longer event. I stuck to sips of coke and water for awhile and it pretty much completely went away. Kinda a bummer, because this course was a total PR course and I had ideal weather for me, so I could have ran faster I think. On my way to the finish, I knew Meredith, Steph and Moogy were all done, and they cheered me in and got my an icy cold soda.
The real fun started after the race. We got the best finisher medals I have ever seen. Really nice etched glass with a leather ribbon. There were beef and chicken fajitas with homemade tortillas, beans and rice. There were kegs of beer, but I didn’t want to risk it, with having spent the better part of the morning queasy. We had a blast with the other Austinites. The awards started and Steph, Meredith and I all got etched glass beer mugs. A super cool prize I will use! We also won some raffle items.
The drive home was easy and had it not been for insane Austin traffic we would have made it in a little over an hour.
This was a ton of fun to do. The easy, soft course was a nice break from some of the ultra challenges I have taken on. It was very well marked, good and frequent aid stations, and one of the best post race spreads I’ve ever encountered. It was great fun to see so many club members out at this one.


The saga continues…

today was rough. After a no sleep night of hearing her bang around the bedroom with the collar, we started post op day #1. It was very hard to keep the collar on Pancake. She can still get at her leg with the soft one. It makes it difficult, but she can still do it. she was groggy and since she is not supposed to walk, I carried her from room to room. I can’t miss more work, so I am not sure what to do tomorrow. the vet suggests to crate her, but she has never been crated, and I would feel like I am torturing her. I rigged up a sock covering for her cast, and she has kept away from it most of the day. I have my fingers crossed the sock will keep her off the cast enough that I can get rid of the horrible collar.
Prickly Pear plans have been affected, as we are now leaving early saturday am (VERY early!!). It should still all work out.


Pancake is hurt…

Pancake was out playing frisbee after work, and seems to have ran through something….2 bloody legs were the end result. One of her dewclaws got ripped off, and her back leg was cut. Poor Pancake. I’ve doctored her up. So far no vet visit. I am not sure what the vet could do that we can’t do, so please don’t call the SPCA on me. So, now Pancake has daily dressing changes. I have plenty of supplies luckily. I don’t want to have to get her one of those lampshade collars. This injury sure poses a threat to her Rouge trail series training.