Running in Utah about a year ago…

Last year, around this time, I was in SLC, Utah visiting family. Mike was kind enough to shuttle me off to the Antelope Island Buffalo run 50K. This remains one of the coolest runs I’ve ever done, and one I say is worth a trip to SLC. Why? It is the most unique setting ever….some of the oldest rocks in the world are here, the great salt lake in all directions, the huge wasatch mountains starring at you, reflected in the lake, big craggy peaks to run up, and antelope and buffalo around you. The website’s pictures do not do it justice. It also was small, but well done, lots of freebies in the goodie bag (2 tech shirts, and I won a small plaque with a buffalo nickel mounted on it). Plus, a good vacation destination for family. The mountains are too snowy to hike, but we did snow shoeing and had a blast. This year a 50 mile was added….I hope to do it again some day. The website called it an “easy” race, and I thought it was pretty challenging. I realized the western mountain races are real ass kickers for us flatlanders at this race. I do not call running from 4000 ft to 6000 easy. I love to find small local races when I travel. Best way to experience a new place…


2 thoughts on “Running in Utah about a year ago…”

  1. Hi JT!!! I would love to do a Colorado run, but I have pretty decent asthma that can kick my butt at sea level, let alone at 10000 ft…so basically I am a chickenshit for high elevation. I would say 8000 is as high as I would try to race at….so that eliminates a lot!

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