To 100 or not to 100…

Last July I swore, never again. I would never run another 100 miler. 50 was pretty doable, even 100K…when you are really getting sick of it, it’s time to quit. But I made the HUGE mistake during my 100 of thinking “30 more miles” at mile 70. This sunk me so low mentally, I couldn’t fathom going on. Had it not been for a very persistant pacer I would not have. I wasted a ton of time at the next couple aid stations and finished in 29+ hours. In hind site, I should have never thought “30 more miles”, recgonized the mental low as a temporary slump, and told my pacer in advance NOT to let me sit at an aid station. I have definitely thought about doing another 100, and trying to correct my mistakes. Another part of me says “why?” My goal was to finish…and I finished. I can say I did one. I do get caught up in all the hype of hearing about everyone’s training and races, and it makes me want to be a part of it. So, at this point I remain on the fence. One minute I read a great race reprot and start looking at race websites, then next I am running the marathon and thinking “Do this for another 20 hours? Yuck.” A big minus is the training time. Training for 50 isn’t much more than training for a marathon. Training for a 100 definitely means whole weekends taken up by running, and then a whole running vacation. Kinda a crappy thing to do to Mike who thinks none of this is very impressive or interesting. So, we shall see. I am interested to hear what others think about this distance. Is it worth it, or are 50s/ 100Ks just as satisfying?


6 thoughts on “To 100 or not to 100…”

  1. thank you!!! I know you are always willing to support/ help. I can promise no 50 milers all summer. I hope you know I am happy to join in some western states training, unless that means 8 hour greenbelt hikes in 100 degrees πŸ™‚ What if I want to walk 20 miles at 1am in 25 degrees in Huntsville? hehe πŸ˜‰

  2. Hard to rationalize sometimes these races Clea. Now I am in no way a veteran at the 100 mile distances, even the 50s but I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. 50k, 50 miles races definitely do *satisfy* me but the 100s keep me challenged to another level. Now that comment was not meant to be egotistical. I am the least egotistical person in the world. I think that I like the 100s because I am not really fast to compete in the 50s but I can do *better* in the 100s because they suit my running style and grit. Crap, it takes me a couple of hours to warm up sometimes. Weird?Anyhoo…BLAH…BLAH. I will continue to do all distances, but less and less 50ks.Do what makes you feel happy…that is ALL that matters. And EXACTLY what Mer said…we’ll be there to cheer you on at whatever distance. And like I might have mentioned before, if you want that taste of a 100 miler, maybe pacing at one might satisfy that hunger. Hint, hint!have a great day!

  3. I’ve taken that walk once as a pacer…I’m sure I would do it again. But, I would probably try to pursuade you into something in the summer before we put ourselves through that.

  4. Mer and Moog: thanks for the great advice and support. Next weekend should be a lot of fun hanging out at an event that doesn’t require as much stress as a 100.

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