Up next….

Prickly Pear 50K. next weekend. I am treating this mostly as a fun run, and training for Rocky Hill Ranch. I have managed to go the last 5 months or so, and get most of by biggest training runs in as races. A much more fun way to do it than map out a 30 mile run. A little more expensive though…
Gotta bunch of friends going for this one, so it should be a great time. I hope this fantastic weather holds out.
this picture is another old one from McKinney Roughs….haven’t been out there in awhile, I believe some of the land was sold to the Hyatt for the Lost Pines resort.
hope everyone has a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Up next….”

  1. Yeah, I too haven’t been to McKinney in ages. I think it was like maybe three weeks before WS ’05 when I was doing hill repeats. I should head out there again soon.Yeah, I’m using PP as a training run too and I am thinking about going to RHR instead of Ouachita. At least I’ll maybe be there to cheer y’all on.

  2. Moogy…you should do RHR just to save money on travel expenses. Although, adventures are fun too. JT…I would love to win a beer mug. I love useful things given away at races. Although me winning my age group is quite a long shot.Rachel..glad you are back in blog world.

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