Pancake is hurt…

Pancake was out playing frisbee after work, and seems to have ran through something….2 bloody legs were the end result. One of her dewclaws got ripped off, and her back leg was cut. Poor Pancake. I’ve doctored her up. So far no vet visit. I am not sure what the vet could do that we can’t do, so please don’t call the SPCA on me. So, now Pancake has daily dressing changes. I have plenty of supplies luckily. I don’t want to have to get her one of those lampshade collars. This injury sure poses a threat to her Rouge trail series training.

6 thoughts on “Pancake is hurt…”

  1. I am at home with Pancake today and she continues to limp around the house and lick at her paw. Its not really her dewclaw that is hurt its the pad right near the dewclaw.

  2. thanks for all the Pancake well wishes. She will be out of commission for a few days, but should be fine. I gave up on dressings. She ate a lot of gauze and tape over night.

  3. Sadly Pancake had to cancel her disc golf appointment tomorrow. In the past she was able to rescue discs that had been lost in areas only a dog can get to.

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