The saga continues…

today was rough. After a no sleep night of hearing her bang around the bedroom with the collar, we started post op day #1. It was very hard to keep the collar on Pancake. She can still get at her leg with the soft one. It makes it difficult, but she can still do it. she was groggy and since she is not supposed to walk, I carried her from room to room. I can’t miss more work, so I am not sure what to do tomorrow. the vet suggests to crate her, but she has never been crated, and I would feel like I am torturing her. I rigged up a sock covering for her cast, and she has kept away from it most of the day. I have my fingers crossed the sock will keep her off the cast enough that I can get rid of the horrible collar.
Prickly Pear plans have been affected, as we are now leaving early saturday am (VERY early!!). It should still all work out.


2 thoughts on “The saga continues…”

  1. maybe she needs the plastic collar while you are at work tomorrow?? I am glad that we are still able to go to PP together. That is most of the reason we are all doing it, so it didn’t matter when we left!Ya’ll are very good parents.

  2. she does get the hideous plastic collar when we are not home. Yuck. It seems like the meanest thing in the world to put that on. Mike got to stayhome again today, so hopefully by Monday we feel ok leaving her alone. I am going to bed early tonight….oh well, it’s not like I haven’t been up that early before!!!

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