Favorite running goodies…

Here is an old pic of me in some of my favorite running gear: pink shorts with a nice mesh pocket in the back for gels. I have to have shorts with big pockets. I just got some nike shorts with 2 big zip pockets. Zipper pockets are a plus. I am such a terrible shopper…I always tend to gravitate to running gear when I am there for “real” clothes. With really cool stores now like Bettysport, Paiva, and REI, I am never far from running stuff. My current favorite items are capris, running skirts (I just ordered a cool aqua colored one), and my “racing” socks (coolmax anklets with a skull wearing a pink bow on them). My new favorite gels are the Power gels with extra salt and caffeine. I love the double latte power gel. It’s crazy how many flavors there are now. Things have come a long way since high school. I had one pair of tights and on the other cold days I wore shorts with long underwear underneath. I only had a couple pairs of real running shorts. We all used to cut old sweatpants into shorts and run in those. there were not gels, but then again, I never ran that far. My first real running outfit wasn’t really that long ago. I would just buy odds and ends on clearance. Mike got me matching Nike dry fit shorts and sports bra one Christmas when we first met. I’ve been hooked on the good stuff ever since…


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