Pancake Update…

Pancake had her vet follow up visit yesterday. The vet trimmed some more dead skin off and her soft cast continues for another week. the sock seems to decrease her desire to lick at it, hence eliminating the need for the horrible lampshade all the time (she still gets it at night and if we are not home).
In other news, I signed up for RHR 50 mile. Only because I had a couple drinks, then got on the computer. that’s how I ended up doing Vermont last summer, after 1 or 2 too many I dropped an application in the mail. I guess I have to keep up the long runs for awhile…and cut down on my drinking.

5 thoughts on “Pancake Update…”

  1. Glad pancake is better. What a cutie! Haha!! You see…we ARE a bad influence. Drink on!That is basically how I got suckered into start serious running. I was out drinking w/ my thesis advisor and some friends and I accepted a dare to join their relay team for a pretty tough mountain stage (found out later it was the 2nd toughest of 12). It has been uphill ever since. No regrets…

  2. thanks to all for checking on pancake’s well-being! meredith…pancake can’t wait for her present and her margarita on wednesday night!

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