Enjoying the weekend in Austin…

Here’s a photo of the Prehistoric Gardens here in Austin. Not really a place to run, but a very cool place none the less. It is landscaped in plants native to the area a few million years ago. Mike and I were there walking around today. Had a nice solo greenbelt run today. This weekend a was cutting back on mileage weekend, since last weekend was the 50K. Next weekend will bump back up. I generally run 5-8 miles a day M-Th, then a long run Saturday and mid distance run Sunday. I try to use races to get in some of the long runs, makes it way easier that way. I don’t do track, or repeats or things I hate. I try to do a couple of my runs quicker than the others a couple days a week, and just about every route I do here is hilly, so I don’t really search out special hill runs. I guess I am a pretty ‘boring” runner. My favorite routes in Austin are the town lake trail loop (an exception to the hills), Stratford dr (while difficult, it is absolutely beautiful), the greenbelt powerline, Balcones Dr, and Walnut creek. One run I’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to try is the scenic drive between Bastrop and Buescher state park. It’s shaded with pines, it’s super hilly and it is a 24 mile route. anyone interested in giving it a try with me?


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