Dreaming of sunny days…

The rain is coming in buckets. Looks like the greenbelt will be a distant memory for awhile. Can’t complain too much though…it was a very slow day at work, so I put in a half day and went home early. got a lot of chores done, and Mike came home early too. We went to BookPeople and had coffee and browsed. this is such a cool bookstore. The chains just cannot compete. It is worth the drive if you do not live nearby. I got some cards, as I currently have 2 books waiting for me, and I am finishing up “the Omnivore’s Dilemma”….a pretty good read. I checked out some Alaska books, and looked at photos of things I might get to see. Soon, it will be all sunny days…


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of sunny days…”

  1. the sun was out today and will be out again tomorrow!! Looking forward to PPs on Thursday.BTW, did you notice Paul posted using my login. He reads your blog to see updates on Pancake!!

  2. Hey! That’s what the greenbelt looked like today! Lots and lots of water. Crossing the Dam was “interesting”. I had to pull another runner out of the water. He lost his balance and went down on his hands. He started slowly sliding across the slippery rock towards the edge. I helped him get back up before he went over the dam–and it was inevitable that he was going over. Hopefully, the flow will go down some before the weekend.

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