Busy weekend…

First off, a Pancake update. Pancake’s soft cast is off. She is back to almost full activity. She can resume greenbelt running this coming weekend. Here is a picture of her with her immortal beloved, the frisbee, and doing a pre-run stretch.
I had a good training weekend, even if not a huge mileage weekend. I did 20 on Saturday on the roads, due to all the recent rains. The weather was fantastic, and I finished on the hike and bike trail. I had to keep my pace up since there were about a million training groups out, and I didn’t want to look pathetic, shuffling along the trail. I already looked like a big enough freak with a skirt on and a camelbak. On Sunday I joined Meredith and did 10 at Bull Creek on Ken’s trail, which I had only done once before. what a great loop! With only 1 hill (and it’s a HUGE hill), it is a pretty easy little run, and the water crossings were really fun. The recent rains made everything technicolor green and once again…great weather. I felt like we kept a good pace up. Then, I hauled out the bike and hit the road with Stephanie for a coulple hours. I am painfully slow and I rode my Mt bike, but got some more work on my legs for the weekend. This coming weekend should be nice and easy, and hopefully my recent runs, plus Prickly Pear will get me through RHR 50 mile.
In other news, I borrowed Meredith’s “Running Madness”. What an awesome look at the Western States race. It was a great behind the scenes. Some things about it made me want to put my app. in, some scenes made me say “maybe not!!!”. I am still on the fence about this one. I believe that I should not even put my name in unless I am 100% sure I want to do it. Too many folks try to get in now, that I would feel really guilty about getting in and withdrawing, unless it was circumtances beyond my control. I guess I have all summer long to think about it. It’s real easy to think “Heck yes, I want to do it!” on those good running days (like this past weekend), and then there are the days a 7 miler seem tough and think “HELL NO, I will not be trying that again, thank you.” Anyhow, if you actually read my blog and you are a runner, or if you just like good documentaries, get your hands on a copy of Running Madness.

3 thoughts on “Busy weekend…”

  1. Glad the ‘cake is doing much better! Sounds like you had some fun runs this weekend. I love it when the creeks are full. 🙂 I can relate to the WS video. I was telling Moogy yesterday that I need to burn my “Running on the Sun” DVD. The first time I watched it I thought, “no friggin’ way would I even think of doing that!!!”. I watched it almost a year later a few weeks ago and thought, “hmmm, that’s looks kinda intriguing”. It’s a scary thought to imgaine my thoughts if I watched it a third time, especially since I despise the road.

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