Boston is coming…

Here’s a picture of my second Boston marathon, taken a couple days before the run, at a Red Sox game. It was about 30 degrees, which is too cold for me to sit in a metal seat. Even though a big, crowded, marathon, I do enjoy this event. It is the only time in my life I’ve ever been treated like a celebrity. The city goes nuts for all the runners. I love the food there and walking around to all the sites. My favorite things are the old cemeteries, and the Boston museum of art…it was just incredible. I hope to make it back there someday. Everyone who qualifies should at least go once. the only thing I don’t get is why all the runners feel the need to wear little tiny running shorts, or tights out to nice restaurants. It’s bizarre. I had a similar experience at Vermont 100. Runners can wear regular clothes, can’t they? I am a bit of the anti-runner, runner. I guess that comes from years of having no friends who ran, so I had to be secretive about it, because I found it somewhat embarrassing. I am such a geek…this picture seems to support that…

2 thoughts on “Boston is coming…”

  1. When you go back, make sure you stop at the hash beer check during the marathon!I’ve qualified twice and never went. Now I wanna go, and trail running has sapped all my speed, so I’m not sure I can qualify.

  2. I know whatcha mean about what appears to be the *need*, obsessive display, insecurity to HAVE to show the world that you are a runner, or just because you are a wanker. It is kinda sad (or funny) but I see it at all the races. Sure, a large % of my Ts come from races but I do have other clothes and for God’s sake…don’t dress like a wanker to establishments.

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