Cold, but fun weekend…

Mike and I were looking at pictures, and he pointed out that this is sorta a neat picture with the reflection of the clouds and what not. So, I decided to put it up. It doesn’t really have much to do with the weekend though…Had a good one despite MISERABLE weather. I’ve never seen it this cold in texas in April. Had a fun group road run on saturday. Taper weekends are sorta nice that a run does not dominate the day. Moogy and I hit the bank to finalize my term as HCTR treasurer and start his. I almost killed him with my bad driving, and we had to kill time at central market, but I did enjoy getting lots of yummy groceries. Got stuff for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and whipped up a big batch. Mike and I saw Blades of Glory later in the afternoon. Pretty silly, but fun for a cold, rainy, day. I got to have my all time favorite salad in the whole world. Saturday night, we got Smella, Mike’s cousin’s 90 pound rottweiler mix, who will be with us for 3 weeks. she is a little hyper. We slept in today, and took the dogs to town lake. Mike walked Smella, while Pancake and I did the 7 mile loop. It was great to have Pancake back running again. Next we were off the Hoover’s for brunch. Got a lot of rest for next weekend. Now, a taper week awaits. Always a little tough, but best to go into a race rested. Weather is looking beautiful for next weekend.

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