Secret Identity…

Here’s a pic from Rocky raccoon this year. I was thinking at work today, how I really have 2 personalities….one for work and my real one. I think a lot of people are this way. I much more of a “hardass” at work and more anal and strict. I am probably not all that nice. I’d like to think I’m a lot nicer in my real life. A few folks at work know about my running, but most don’t, nor do they really care. Plus, if I tell them I get the reaction I’ve gotten my whole life: “You, run? really? I wouldn’t have thought so.” I’m not sure what causes this reaction. My compete lack of muscle tone? The fact I am at a happy hour when this comes up, on my 3rd beer? It’s sorta depressing, but after years of this, I have learned to live with it. I get the same reaction at RunTex when I go to buy shoes. I usually start by saying I want the same shoe I’ve been wearing, blah, blah, blah, and the sales person starts in on “We’ve got some great shoes for beginning runners.” why do they assume I just started? One time the questioned if I would even be using them for running at all. Maybe this is a hint I should pick a new sport? Knitting maybe?!?

In other news, check out my link to the Man against horse race. This was my little hometown’s ultra when I was in high school. I am impressed it’s still around and it would be a blast to do.

1 thought on “Secret Identity…”

  1. Did they REALLY say that at RunTex? I hope that they say it to me one day. Not that I am an ego freak but imho what they said is wrong. I wouldn’t get too depressed out it…I’m actually kinda glad most people don’t think of me as a *runner* because your prior post about the wanker clothes says, “Hey, that wanker must be a runner!”. I get the same reaction too and I think it has to be alot about the mentality.I am not a runner…I am just a person trying to get through this thing called life and once and awhile like to go for a run because it makes me feel good…I don’t do it out of necessity to complete myself.

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