Rocky Hill ranch 50K

Photo courtesy of Hill country trail runners.

Well, it turned itno a 50K day, not a 50 mile. I am a little disappointed in myself I changed races so late in the game (during the first loop). My heart just was not in it for 50 miles today. The run felt a lot like a training run, and when not training for anything big…going 50 miles is not easy. In hind sight, signing up for the 50K would have been perfect and I could have had a great day. oh well, live and learn. A lot of runners I know sign up for every race and can do long run after long run. I realized today that maybe I do better with a couple key races and not over racing. I will think about this in the future. I also know folks who do a key fall race and a key spring race. I might think about doing that, and add just a few other tune up or training races.

So, time to refocus and regroup. I am very thankful to all the volunteers today and all my friends who tried to make me feel better when I felt like maybe I hadn’t given it my all. It was a gorgeous course and gorgeous day.

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