Up next, The maze…

Next weekend is one of my favorite races in austin, the maze. It’s at Walnut creek park, which is my favorite place to bike and one of my favorite places to run. When I lived near it, I could combine it with neighborhood loops and easily do a 20+ miler out there. the scenery changes a lot, so it doesn’t get boring. It is not rocky at all, so raod shoes are fine, and the best part is most of it is a leash free park. Pancake has put in mile after mile out there, and she has run the last loop of this 3 loop race with me for the last 3 years. We smoked it the first year we did it, but we are both a littel slower and a littel fatter now, but it’s one I push myself on…

Had a great weekend of running this weekend. I did a route all south of the river with Steve and Stephanie yesterday, through some great south austin neighborhoods. We are so lucky here to have so many fantastic routes to run. Lots of hills. In the afternoon, we went hiking at McKinney falls. the water was low for some reason, but the wildflowers were incredible. Today I did the greenbelt with Pancake and Smella again….still tons of water and beautiful and green. Always a great start to the day.

2 thoughts on “Up next, The maze…”

  1. I’ll see you this weekend. I’ll be helping out the Roggies and maybe even pace someone for their last loop (would be their longest run–already converting 10k’ers to 30k’ers).

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