Whew, what a stressful week. Work seems to have ramped up ten fold for some reason. Yelling doctors and yelling bosses. events almost every night after work. I am sooooo looking forward to my race this weekend! It so nice to have a different world on weekends. I am worried about picking up my gels and how deep the creeks are going to be…not can I get all this crap done by 5pm , or am I here late again…

These photos were are just snapped tonight in my front yard with my new zoom lens. Mike found a deal on one and figured he better snatch it up for our Alaska trip. It is AWESOME. Good thing he got it, he knows I am way to cheap to splurge on that for myself.

And speaking of Alaska, my marathon training continues. My weekly “fast ” run ended up not as well as last week’s. Met some friends at the CRACK of dawn (515, 415 wake up). I was going to run solo and try to push, but yikes, that is hard to do at 515 in the am. I did 4 easy with friends and 4 “fast” ( a relative term) on my own. This weekend is the Maze, at a brisk pace, so I think I am on track. On Tuesday, I find out if I am in for St george!

Had some fun this week too. I had a really fun club meeting for the trail runners, and a fun work happy hour last night. Saw a great movie last Sunday….Year of the Dog. Go see it!!! I am hitting REI after work tomorrow to check out their sale for some Alaska goodies…

I ready for the weekend to get here!

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