The Maze 30k….Pancake’s Favorite Run

We had a great time today. Mike, Pancake and I rolled out of here at about 6am, and up to walnut Creek park. Because of all the recent rains, the park was beautiful. I saw lots of friends at the start, and I was pretty psyched to run. I wasn’t really nervous, but after my last run going badly, I was ready to have a good day. We started off at 700, and Mike and pancake headed out in search of caffine. First loop was a little crowded, but I quickly tried to find a spot and pushed for a sub 1 hour loop. My goal was to keep each loop at 1 hour. the course was in pretty good shape and the creek crossing were not too difficult. It is nice to run on a trail where you can just fly and not worry much about footing. I finished loop 1 in under an hour, so I was doing well. Poor Pancake was really ready to run, but she had to wait 1 more loop. Loop 2 went well also. I kept up my pace, and stayed alone for most of it. I love this trail, and know it so well, I always knew how far I was from the aid stations. finished loop 2 in under an hour and picked up Pancake. we just took off and she pushed me hard the final loop. We finished in 2:54 and I was thrilled, but later found out the top womens’ times were MUCH faster than that. Oh well…I was happy with my run, and that is what matters the most. I am thankful Mike was willing to come and be around runners for several hours, so Pancake could get her run in. We came home, showered, blew some money at the REI sale, and ate some leftover Homeslice artichoke pizza. What a good day…

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