Looking for some speed…

Boy, have I slowed down over the years. I did the maze in 2:54 this year, and thought I was smokin’ fast. I looked back at the first year I did it (2004) and I ran 2:40, and I don’t really remember pushing myslef that hard. This has happened in my marathons too. I’ve watched them get slower and slower. I managed one Boston qualifier in Dec, but I had to work SOOOO hard for it. I used to qualify very easily with no real effort. So what has happened? No injuries (well, no serious ones). A couple years older, but come on, not that much! I blame it all on ultras. I think they have made me slow and fat. Ok…maybe not fat, but a little soft for sure. The much more relaxed pace of an ultra naturally takes away some of the competitive edge other races have. Also, when training for a marathon, I used to do a lot of shorter races to lead up. Now I just do a lot of long races. marathons are my short races. I also only raced a couple times a year. Now I do a race about once a month. With the need for fueling in an ultra, I think I eat a lot more during my run…hence the fat part. Plus, I trained for marathons with runners faster than me. I had to work really hard to keep up. Now, I still run with them, but they’ll finish and I’ll do another 10-20 miles on my own and S-L-O-W down once they leave. This past year I thought about returning to marathons and maybe only a 50K or 2…but the ultra bug got the better of me, and I did more long races than planned. so more slow running. part of me says, no big deal, I have moved to a new focus. Part of me says, ” No more runs that are really hikes….speed up!” So my way to deal with the slowing down, and the desire to still do the longer stuff is to do less races, and focus on a couple key races. This “season” is pretty much done. Just the alaska marathon left. Then a little down time, and training for St george starts (I got in!!). I plan to use the hot summer to try and regain a little speed. Then use the marathon base to focus on Sunmart or Bandera. I am doing a mid week “tempo” run (ok I used a runner’s word…yuck, I hate doing that). I still ablsolutely refuse to do track…high school truama can really linger. So, I will have to see if there is any hope for improvement. If not, I am still just damned happy I get to do this at all…

1 thought on “Looking for some speed…”

  1. hey don’t blame the ultras…I am faster and fitter because of them. You are just enjoying the scenery too much :)Come hit the trails with Paul for a run or two and you will feel the different pace.I look forward to joining you for some speedy shorter runs this summer!

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