Looking forward to new adventures…

Here is an old picture of Montana, but these mountain scenes remind me of adventure. I am super psyched about St George. Been looking at lots of photos of the area, especially Zion National Park. Southern Utah looks like a fantastic place to visit (aside from the fact I already know you cannot get good beer there). I am really looking forward to starting the St G training this summer. It has been incredible weather lately, so it is easy to be super motivated. I’ll see what I am saying come July and August. I am trying not to be too over zealous….as I am currently nursing a shin splint.

Racing has taken me so many places I wouldn’t have gone over the years. Boston, Vermont, San francisco, Lake Tahoe, and I could probably put Huntsville in there (why would you go to Huntsville…unless you want to run loops around a park?) travel is one of life’s great pleasures. I love being home, and my routines, but I cannot deny the power of seeing a beautiful place, to make the daily grind seem a little easier. I reflect on my travel memories often when I need some positive thoughts. I am looking forward to adding new memories.

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