Would Pancake like Alaska?

Hmmm, not so sure. here is Pancake in the little bit of snow we had in texas last winter. Although, she might appreciate 50 degree temps after today’s run. Not too hot, but it is humid, which can’t feel good when you have a big black coat on.

We are off in a few days. If anyone actually reads Pancakeiscute, check back in about a week for some pics and a race report of the marathon. I plan on doing a lot of trail running, although nothing too long. It looks like there are hike and bike trails all over the place. No real goals for the marathon. I decided with the little bit of burnout I felt this spring/ summer, to just try and run a decent race and save the goals for St George in the fall and Bandera in the winter.

To all my friends who ran Bighorn, I hear it was some rough going. Hope everyone is recovered well, and can regroup for the next challenge. Laters…..


It’s hot outside…

The 95% humidity until November has officially kicked off this week. Goodie…heat indexs of 110. 80 degrees with 90 % humidity at 530 am. gotta love texas’ 5 months of summer. This picture is in Montana, with an icy cold creek and a temp of about 60 degrees….and that is summer. I will focus on this during my next sweatfest run. Today was one of those….”I can barely make 13 miles….how on can I or did I ever manage more.”….runs. Major sweatfest. Does anyone else feel like wearing glasses is disgusting in the summer as they constantly have sweat bead up under them? I remember thinking about this week back in February during rocky raccoon. It was 27 degrees, my feet were numb, and I thought “I’ll never complain about the heat again!” famous last words….


Running at Walnut Creek…

Went to walnut creek with Pancake this am. Why more folks don’t run here is beyond me. Yes, the mountain bikers are definitely a presence, but if you start before 830 or so, you don’t really need to worry about them. Plus, it is all a series of short loops. I just plan how long I am going to be out there, and then just do different loops. I didn’t repeat anything today, and probably managed about 7 miles. It is shaded most of the way, and the creek crossings are fun and easy. Plus, lots of places near parmer to pick up a post run treat….(Taco Shack, Pancake house, kolace shop). Pancake just loves it out there.

I am ready to enjoy a fairly mellow weekend. things have been so hectic at work, now that we are part of UT. it is like I have a whole new job. Last weekend was so busy, with racing, working, I am looking forward to hanging at home, CLEANING, and trying to relax a little. I can’t believe how soon the marathon will be here. I’m starting to think about what will be my big event next year. I am leaning towards Bandera. Does it make me crazy that the minute I am done training for one thing, I start thinking, what is next?


Thoughts on training groups…

Oh boy, I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings on this one, but I’ve got a mixed opinion. I realized this weekend, that training groups are everywhere! It seems like everyone is in one these days. I kinda think that I cannot imagine shelling out the money to join one. But, I do admit I have thought “Would I accomplish my goals easier if I was in a group?” It is definitely easier to do some of the long stuff with other folks and not on my own. but, I live my life was the perpetual kid that ditches the pep rallies and makes fun of student council, so you can understand why doing it on my own is more my style. When I did my first marathon, I made a training plan based on some Runner’s World articles, some running books, and some websites. I couldn’t do long runs on weekends, and what I did worked for me. the distance challenge was awesome to help me build up mileage. I ran a really good first marathon, and didn’t do a single run with another person, or really even have anyone to talk to it about. I do have friends that have done groups and really enjoyed it though. On the down side…it seems like running gets more and more expensive. Start paying for a coach, a heart rate monitor, a gym membership to do post run pilates, and suddenly it is a really expensive hobby. I used to buy shoes on clearance, wear old shorts, and do 1 or 2 races a year. Now that is a cheap hobby. There is something to be said about having friends to run with though….I went many years in austin running alone because I didn’t know anyone who ran. I also have the good fortune of starting to run as a teenager. it is much easier to start a high mileage running program as a scrawny teenager with endless energy. I imagine as an adult with a couple extra pounds it is a little more intimidating (now I am that adult, but I am already running, so I do not really worry about the couple of extra pounds that I seem to have..oh well). I suppose for me it comes down to my running time is a time away from the daily rat race and to challenge myself. Sometimes, it is nice to go at it alone. I have met some wonderful, lifelong friends through running, and it is nice to have the flexibility to run with who I want when I want. I think for me the verdict is whatever you need to do to keep yourself active and happy…..go for it! this is a picture of my favorite training parter….a little black and white dog!


The Loop 30K…

I don’t have any photos of the Loop, but this is of the Turkey Creek trail, also at Emma Long park. Ran the Loop today…..yikes, summer is here, it was hot! Worked the packet pick up yesterday, and the heat started then. I tried to drink fluids like crazy, but I still think I was sweating it out faster than I could get it in. Pre race dinner at Homeslice, which has become the routine. I got up early to try and get parking and drove out at 5:45. Got to emma Long, and before I knew it, we were off. the first loop was very nice. Shaded, fairly comfortable temp, I felt great and it flew by. I knew a lot of really fast girls run these now, so I figured my days of getting awards are over. Kinda nice, because I ran my own race and didn’t worry at all about other folks. I refueled on gatorade and started loop 2. Ran alone a lot, but it was nice, the last couple miles I started thinking, damn, it is getting hot. Started loop 3, and realized it was much hotter than I had experienced yet this summer. I run so early, I avoid the heat quite a bit. My legs felt good, my endurance was up, I was just hot. I knew I would slow a little on loop 3. I hit the 3 mile aid station when I had been ignoring it on the other loops. Finally I was in the home stretch and scooted down the giant hill at the end. Whew…..major heat exhaustion. I was wringing sweat out of my shirt. Last long run done! Now time to taper and focus on the midnight sun marathon. There is no way it will be as hot as this one was.