The Loop 30K…

I don’t have any photos of the Loop, but this is of the Turkey Creek trail, also at Emma Long park. Ran the Loop today…..yikes, summer is here, it was hot! Worked the packet pick up yesterday, and the heat started then. I tried to drink fluids like crazy, but I still think I was sweating it out faster than I could get it in. Pre race dinner at Homeslice, which has become the routine. I got up early to try and get parking and drove out at 5:45. Got to emma Long, and before I knew it, we were off. the first loop was very nice. Shaded, fairly comfortable temp, I felt great and it flew by. I knew a lot of really fast girls run these now, so I figured my days of getting awards are over. Kinda nice, because I ran my own race and didn’t worry at all about other folks. I refueled on gatorade and started loop 2. Ran alone a lot, but it was nice, the last couple miles I started thinking, damn, it is getting hot. Started loop 3, and realized it was much hotter than I had experienced yet this summer. I run so early, I avoid the heat quite a bit. My legs felt good, my endurance was up, I was just hot. I knew I would slow a little on loop 3. I hit the 3 mile aid station when I had been ignoring it on the other loops. Finally I was in the home stretch and scooted down the giant hill at the end. Whew…..major heat exhaustion. I was wringing sweat out of my shirt. Last long run done! Now time to taper and focus on the midnight sun marathon. There is no way it will be as hot as this one was.

2 thoughts on “The Loop 30K…”

  1. That humidity was something, wasn’t it? I drank 40oz per hour and was still dying of thirst when I finished. I’ll be glad when I finally acclimate to this dang Texas heat in the next few weeks!

  2. Yes! Usually I do about 1 bottle a loop, I drank 2 on the 3rd loop. I was getting a headache while I was running….usually that only happens after. I just never, ever run in the heat of the day. congrats on a great race. You are without a doubt ready to pace. Can’t wait to hear about it.

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