Running at Walnut Creek…

Went to walnut creek with Pancake this am. Why more folks don’t run here is beyond me. Yes, the mountain bikers are definitely a presence, but if you start before 830 or so, you don’t really need to worry about them. Plus, it is all a series of short loops. I just plan how long I am going to be out there, and then just do different loops. I didn’t repeat anything today, and probably managed about 7 miles. It is shaded most of the way, and the creek crossings are fun and easy. Plus, lots of places near parmer to pick up a post run treat….(Taco Shack, Pancake house, kolace shop). Pancake just loves it out there.

I am ready to enjoy a fairly mellow weekend. things have been so hectic at work, now that we are part of UT. it is like I have a whole new job. Last weekend was so busy, with racing, working, I am looking forward to hanging at home, CLEANING, and trying to relax a little. I can’t believe how soon the marathon will be here. I’m starting to think about what will be my big event next year. I am leaning towards Bandera. Does it make me crazy that the minute I am done training for one thing, I start thinking, what is next?


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