It’s hot outside…

The 95% humidity until November has officially kicked off this week. Goodie…heat indexs of 110. 80 degrees with 90 % humidity at 530 am. gotta love texas’ 5 months of summer. This picture is in Montana, with an icy cold creek and a temp of about 60 degrees….and that is summer. I will focus on this during my next sweatfest run. Today was one of those….”I can barely make 13 miles….how on can I or did I ever manage more.”….runs. Major sweatfest. Does anyone else feel like wearing glasses is disgusting in the summer as they constantly have sweat bead up under them? I remember thinking about this week back in February during rocky raccoon. It was 27 degrees, my feet were numb, and I thought “I’ll never complain about the heat again!” famous last words….


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