Would Pancake like Alaska?

Hmmm, not so sure. here is Pancake in the little bit of snow we had in texas last winter. Although, she might appreciate 50 degree temps after today’s run. Not too hot, but it is humid, which can’t feel good when you have a big black coat on.

We are off in a few days. If anyone actually reads Pancakeiscute, check back in about a week for some pics and a race report of the marathon. I plan on doing a lot of trail running, although nothing too long. It looks like there are hike and bike trails all over the place. No real goals for the marathon. I decided with the little bit of burnout I felt this spring/ summer, to just try and run a decent race and save the goals for St George in the fall and Bandera in the winter.

To all my friends who ran Bighorn, I hear it was some rough going. Hope everyone is recovered well, and can regroup for the next challenge. Laters…..

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