Everyday is training…

I planned to quit doing my blog this summer because nothing exciting is really going on. No races, lots of work, no vacations on the horizon. But, the truth is, I enjoy writing in the blog, it gives me a chance to be a little creative, and I do it for me, so if it is a little boring, oh well. So, the posts may be less frequent, but I hope to get to it from time to time.

Today I did a 19 miler, my longest run since the Alaska marathon. Since I have committed to Bandera, I have decided to run like I did a couple years ago for my first big ultra, Sunmart 2005. I had decided to do it that June. Even though it was months away, I spend the whole summer “training”. I thought of all my runs as building blocks to this final goal, even if a hot July run didn’t seem connected with a winter ultra. 10 miles on a hot, humid day? That is mental training for when the ultra gets hard. Taking a rest day meant keeping myself injury free for my final goal. Keeping up at least 20 mile long runs all summer meant the endurance would be there when it was time to rev up to 30+ mile runs. When Sunmart finally came I felt completely confident I would finish and do so fairly comfortably. I wanted to be prepared and did not want to suffer through the event, but to enjoy it and want to do another. After all, I had “trained” for the last 6 months. In hind sight, I was very well trained physically and mentally. Last racing season, my only definite goal races were White Rock and Bandera 50K….the other things I did were decided later on, and so maybe they seemed a little harder. Anyhow, I won’t be going up to big miles for a while, or with all this rain even setting foot on some of Austin’s more rugged trails, but I will be “training”!


The check is in the mail…

Mailed in a Bandera 100K entry today. I know…..I am crazy it is 6 months off. BUT, my paying my entry now, I made the commitment to do it. I could have been wishy washy for months. By committing to the race, I can make a good training plan, and after St George have my training all laid out. Don’t know if a 100 MILE is on the horizon yet, but for now, this is an exciting thing for me to look forward to….even if on the high humidity days lately I think 5 miles is a challenge, and I think I’ve done “real” trail running only like 5 times this summer since central Texas is getting the wrath of God in the weather dept. Makes 100K sounds pretty darn impossible. But, I did it before, I can do it again, and I am stupid enough to have selective memory, in which I keep thinking “Oh 100K was FUN!” (I probably was not saying that at the time I was running).

I am trying to talk my brother into flying in from LA and being my official crew. Which in my case means meeting me a couple times on the course and lying through your teeth telling me things like “Looking good” and “You look strong”. hehe. Here we are about 2 weeks ago with my sister in law Megumi at the Salt Lick.


Stop and smell the flowers…

Sometimes I have to remind even myself to slow down and relax a little. I hate to relax!….But, it is scenes like these that can make me forget for minute about all the 3 million things I have going on. In the big picture of life a lot of them really don’t matter much, and sometimes it’s the little moments that stay with you forever.


No tundra running in Texas…

Well, had my longest run since the marathon today. About 15.5 miles. We really have been given a break this summer for heat, but the humidity is tough. Did my new favorite run, the south Austin St Ed’s loop, and added a 4 mile trail loop. town Lake still amazes me with the flooding. It doesn’t even look like the same little hike and bike trail I am used to. I have my fingers crossed it stays dry this week, as I am dying to get out to the greenbelt. It’s been a month at this point. Tomorrow is Pancake’s first run in awhile, and I cannot wait. We will have to stick to the hike and bike, but I’ll take what I can get!


Finally some time to write…

Whew, after a very long trip home and some busy time at work, I have some time to settle down . Alaska was fun…it was beautiful. It was a nice marathon. First few miles along a highway…so nothing special, but then we turned onto a road, and ran along a golf course. At mile 7, we turned onto a dirt road and that made for some nice running. About mile 13 or so, we entered single track trail, that was so green and lush, it was like a little rain forest. At mile 17, back onto the road for a couple miles, then the last 6 or so miles were on a nice paved hike and bike. Cool weather, made it pretty easy running. I was a little tired from an overly long plane ride and had a bit of asthma issues from some nearby forest fires, so I didn’t have my best run ever, but nothing too bad, I just gritted my teeth a bit the last few miles. All in all a nice run. It would have been nice to find a trail run, but this was a nice compromise and allowed Mike and my dad to come and watch, which was nice for me, because I usually do not get a “cheering squad”.

I wished we could have done some more hiking, as it is difficult to get it all in on a trip, but I got to do a lot of outdoor things, which is my idea of a good vacation. the temps were heavenly, and it made me wish for a summer home to get a little break from the texas heat.

Speaking of, it is not that hot, but the humidity is terrible. The runs have been tough this week. I keep meaning to sit down and plan and assult on St George and then Bandera….it will be here before I know it. It’s hard to find a ton of motivation in 90% humidity.

Here are a couple more pictures I really liked: