Finally some time to write…

Whew, after a very long trip home and some busy time at work, I have some time to settle down . Alaska was fun…it was beautiful. It was a nice marathon. First few miles along a highway…so nothing special, but then we turned onto a road, and ran along a golf course. At mile 7, we turned onto a dirt road and that made for some nice running. About mile 13 or so, we entered single track trail, that was so green and lush, it was like a little rain forest. At mile 17, back onto the road for a couple miles, then the last 6 or so miles were on a nice paved hike and bike. Cool weather, made it pretty easy running. I was a little tired from an overly long plane ride and had a bit of asthma issues from some nearby forest fires, so I didn’t have my best run ever, but nothing too bad, I just gritted my teeth a bit the last few miles. All in all a nice run. It would have been nice to find a trail run, but this was a nice compromise and allowed Mike and my dad to come and watch, which was nice for me, because I usually do not get a “cheering squad”.

I wished we could have done some more hiking, as it is difficult to get it all in on a trip, but I got to do a lot of outdoor things, which is my idea of a good vacation. the temps were heavenly, and it made me wish for a summer home to get a little break from the texas heat.

Speaking of, it is not that hot, but the humidity is terrible. The runs have been tough this week. I keep meaning to sit down and plan and assult on St George and then Bandera….it will be here before I know it. It’s hard to find a ton of motivation in 90% humidity.

Here are a couple more pictures I really liked:

4 thoughts on “Finally some time to write…”

  1. Sounds and looks heavenly! 8) Glad that y’all had fun. I am kinda focusing my job search in an area in the mountains…those pics pretty much sealed that up…someplace like Canmore (near where Mystery, Alaska) was filmed). Seya!

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