The check is in the mail…

Mailed in a Bandera 100K entry today. I know…..I am crazy it is 6 months off. BUT, my paying my entry now, I made the commitment to do it. I could have been wishy washy for months. By committing to the race, I can make a good training plan, and after St George have my training all laid out. Don’t know if a 100 MILE is on the horizon yet, but for now, this is an exciting thing for me to look forward to….even if on the high humidity days lately I think 5 miles is a challenge, and I think I’ve done “real” trail running only like 5 times this summer since central Texas is getting the wrath of God in the weather dept. Makes 100K sounds pretty darn impossible. But, I did it before, I can do it again, and I am stupid enough to have selective memory, in which I keep thinking “Oh 100K was FUN!” (I probably was not saying that at the time I was running).

I am trying to talk my brother into flying in from LA and being my official crew. Which in my case means meeting me a couple times on the course and lying through your teeth telling me things like “Looking good” and “You look strong”. hehe. Here we are about 2 weeks ago with my sister in law Megumi at the Salt Lick.


2 thoughts on “The check is in the mail…”

  1. That was a short summer break. ;)Go for it Clea!!If you want to do some training for it I am looking for someone to run a loop (25 miles) w/ me at Cactus Rose. Pleeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hasta and take care…

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