Everyday is training…

I planned to quit doing my blog this summer because nothing exciting is really going on. No races, lots of work, no vacations on the horizon. But, the truth is, I enjoy writing in the blog, it gives me a chance to be a little creative, and I do it for me, so if it is a little boring, oh well. So, the posts may be less frequent, but I hope to get to it from time to time.

Today I did a 19 miler, my longest run since the Alaska marathon. Since I have committed to Bandera, I have decided to run like I did a couple years ago for my first big ultra, Sunmart 2005. I had decided to do it that June. Even though it was months away, I spend the whole summer “training”. I thought of all my runs as building blocks to this final goal, even if a hot July run didn’t seem connected with a winter ultra. 10 miles on a hot, humid day? That is mental training for when the ultra gets hard. Taking a rest day meant keeping myself injury free for my final goal. Keeping up at least 20 mile long runs all summer meant the endurance would be there when it was time to rev up to 30+ mile runs. When Sunmart finally came I felt completely confident I would finish and do so fairly comfortably. I wanted to be prepared and did not want to suffer through the event, but to enjoy it and want to do another. After all, I had “trained” for the last 6 months. In hind sight, I was very well trained physically and mentally. Last racing season, my only definite goal races were White Rock and Bandera 50K….the other things I did were decided later on, and so maybe they seemed a little harder. Anyhow, I won’t be going up to big miles for a while, or with all this rain even setting foot on some of Austin’s more rugged trails, but I will be “training”!


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