Back into the swing of things…

My last ultra run in April went terribly. I was signed up for a 50 miler and 30 miles in said “what in the hell am I doing? I have NO desire to do this.” I called it a 50K day, and felt disappointed in myself that I quit something. In hind sight, I was pretty burnt out after doing a long series of races. I started in December with a pressure filled White Rock marathon, trying to qualify for Boston. Then onto Bandera, then Rocky Raccoon (where I ran my best race of the year), then the AT & T marathon, Prickly Pear, and finally Rocky Hill ranch where I said enough! Since then I have relaxed, still running, but nothing needing big training. I did a couple of the trail series, but those are more of a training run, and the Alaska marathon was truly a fun run. I feel refreshed and excited to run ultras again. I am finally at the point in the extreme humidity of summer where I feel decent on most runs. I am looking very forward to training for Bandera, and I’ve shaken the feelings of burnout. I haven’t run over 20 miles all summer, except for the marathon. This really helped. I learned that I need to break from racing for part of each year. I also think doing Vermont 100 last summer contributed to the burnout…..I was so happy to finish and complete a major goal for myself that I wasn’t sure where to go from there. It’s only been about 12 weeks since RHR, but I feel refreshed and ready to start a new “season” this fall. Training for a marathon has helped too. The pressure is much less, and a good way to ease into the bigger mileage. I am ready to become an ultra runner again! I feel like I can now “consider” a 100 miler again…..I couldn’t for the last couple months. The little wheels in my head are turning…..but no annoucement of plans until I make a final decision.

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