happy, happy, joy, joy.

Here is a picture from this time of year back in 2003. It is from one of the most fun trips I’ve ever had, when Stephanie, Karen and I went to run the Reno marathon then hang in Lake tahoe. the Reno marathon remains to this day the most sore I have ever been after a race. About 4 miles of it were on thick, beach- like sand, and it KILLED my legs. There were promises of pine trees and we did get them….from about mile 24-26. The rest of the way was sand or hot black top asphalt. I was in agony the next day. But, we had a blast. I’ve wanted to go back to the area ever since…I guess now that we have officially entered the dog days of summer, it is easy to let the mind wander back to mountain lakes….

In other news, the training is going well. I did 19 on saturday, and with the heat it was tough, but I felt strong the whole way. Did 7 on the greenbelt this am, and starting this weekend, I switched directions to get the harder hills in. It was roasting hot, but once again, I felt strong enough to handle it. Went to REI to pick Mike up some stuff to wear in the 50 degree temps in Ireland (he is going for 3 weeks….yes, I hate him), and found a pair of Hardrocks for $39!!! They are carefully packed away waiting for my 100K journey this winter….what a find!


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