Is this supposed to be so hard?

Whew, a summer milestone today. My first 20 mile run since June. It kicked my butt. I’ve been hovering around 20 all summer…but never quite making it there. Somehow it is a hurdle between long-ish runs, and LONG runs. I think anything over 20, gets into the LONG territory.
Sure was hard though. I had a nice greenbelt run yesterday, with all the hard hills. The water crossings were insane. I underestimated how much rain the area had gotten, and Pancake almost went over the edge at the Dam. She was hanging on by her nails. It was also Mike’s last time to join us for at least a month…since he left town yesterday, so it was a little sad. The challenge then was to rehydrate. I was on the greenbelt a little over an hour, and was SWEATING. I drank and drank all day, but still had a headache in the evening from dehydration.
Started this am at 530 and did a 7 mile trail loop and felt great. Next did an 8 mile road loop, and was still feeling good. I left Steve at this point to do 5 on my own. I felt ok for about 2 miles and then struggled on in the last 3. I was so depleted and hot. It is hard to imagine that I once ran further than this. I just tell myself over and over, it’s the summer, not me that makes this so darn hard. August is a tough month. it is not so much that it is hot, it’s just been hot for so long. Like the long winters in new england, come August, it would be nice to see things start to change, as cabin fever is setting in. But, like my Sunmart year’s hot 20 milers, these runs are the building blocks of a little mental strength. While not as long as what I’ll do come late fall, they are every bit as hard with the tough conditions.
Post run, I went to pick a few items at central market, and it is Hatch green chilie days. I could not resist a 1/2 lb burger. It was an awesome post run treat 🙂


1 thought on “Is this supposed to be so hard?”

  1. I KNOW whatcha mean by the heat. I in general just find it hard to breath in this crap and last Sunday I got pretty bad heat stroke. It ain’t you. Congrats on your run and wish Mike safe travels for me! Take care…

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