It’s good to be back…

…amongst the living that is. I got super sick over the holiday weekend. Went to bed Friday with tons of great running plans, plans for chores, and plans to shop. 2 hours after falling asleep, with no warning I woke up with the worst sore throat I’ve ever had and a fever. this picture is pretty old, but it is how I spent the weekend: in jammies, in bed, and miserable. it wasn’t just a cold…I got too weak to even walk a couple houses down the street to take pancake out. I lost 5 pounds. I couldn’t swallow, I drooled. It SUCKED. Good news is I am pretty much 100% normal now. Also, my friends were awesome, calling me and offering to bring me food. It made me realize if something REALLY bad ever happened, my friends would definitely be there. it also made me sooooo thankful for my health, as this was really just a big inconvenience, unlike some folks who live with illness all the time. I was too sick to even consider running, which seriously never happens to me. I always manage to drag myself out for a few miles, but not this time. today was my first day back running, and it felt great. jello legs at first, but now I feel strong again. The only gross side effect is I’ve literally been sweating continuously since Tuesday. I guess my body is getting rid of whatever microbe that caused this whole thing. Today I was actually happy to be at work, and someone commented I was back to my usual, mean self. Whoo-hoo. I am looking forward to giving this weekend a go, and I’ve got a lot of plans. Anyhow, thanks again to all my friends. I was really touched at how nice everyone was, when let’s face it, this wasn’t the end of the world…no one likes being sick though.


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