Weekend fun…

Mike got home after a month away this weekend, and we’ve been having a nice weekend catching up and re-introducing him to American food….that is if I don’t eat it all first!

Started the weekend with a 5am start time on a 21 miler. Steve was kind enough to agree to my request. Got done by 815, a quick spit shower, and off to work at an AARP health fair….hey, it was all overtime money. I was dying of thirst after the run, since the cold front wasn’t very impressive. I got a latte, smoothie, and an izze soda all to drink at the health fair. I still thought I might faint. Afterwards, I went and got a steak taco…something I never get, but I had a major craving, and all was better. Mike actually arrived on time saturday night and got me an awesome vegetarian cookbook and a Team Munster rugby shirt, who I was told is the team all the locals go to see. Still too hot to wear it for awhile.

Mike was up and about at 6am, so he took Pancake and I to the greenbelt and went to get himself coffee while we ran. It was an awesome day, and I saw lots of friends out there which was really nice. We were so spoiled having water and wildflowers all summer long. Did the 7 mile loop and it left me really looking forward to doing some longer runs out there soon.

I had dinner with Meredith on friday night, and after talking about Western states some, I think I am leaning towards doing Rocky raccoon in Feb. I just cannot get over that $295 price tag, and there is something to be said about all the support I would get at rocky. Plus, there is so much out there I want to do, it’s hard to justify putting all my eggs in one western states basket. Another huge benefit, is I would be using all my other races as training. More to come…

5 thoughts on “Weekend fun…”

  1. I’ll support and participate in whatever you decide! I am glad we got to enjoy dinner and you got everything in before Mike’s arrival so that y’all could enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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