Highs and lows…

Here is a really good write up I found on running a 100 mile run. very inspiring. i found it reading about the different 100 mile runs. it is geared towards a particular race, but I think you could apply it to any of the the “easier” ones. It almost makes it sound-gulp- doable. here is the link. Reading this really helped push me ever a little closer to another 100 miler, aka power walking all night.

In contrast, today at work I got an extra reminder of the lows that life sometimes deals out. Sometimes as a nurse I feel I carry the woes of the world on my shoulders. Today was one of those days spent dealing out a lot of bad news to people without the ability to offer many solutions. I go home at the end of the day, and tend to forget it all, and not really think of any of it other than the occasional fleeting thought (often while running). I often feel inferior to my many friends who are very educated and successful, but days like today remind me I chose a career that gives me a little intimate part in the lives of others…but not as much status as other careers might. I know people who would argue they wouldn’t want to do that…that they don’t like people that much. It is not even so much about being a people person…it is about getting the biggest experience out of life. I get to go to work and really get an experience..then again, sometimes it’s just a job.

Anyhow, getting back to 100 milers, it’s all about the experience right? gotta get as many of those as I can.

On the lighter side of things, some good recent discoveries: I am liking the new Modest Mouse album Mike down loaded . never heard much of them before, but Johnny Marr from the Smiths is now the guitar player, and I am an 80’s junkie. Just finished reading A Thousand Spendid Suns, and it was a great read. Just stared The Devil in the White City, and so far, so good. A good book is always a treat.


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