Good weekend…

Had a great start to the weekend with a 10 miler on the greenbelt, with Pancake. I had not run the 10 mile loop in something like a year, and Pancake had never done the whole thing with me. We had a blast, despite a fall on my part. I tripped and fell in some very overgrown grass, so I walked away without a scratch, but I was super sore this am after taking the impact with my arms and shoulders. I also realized it is definitely time to start logging some serious miles on the trail if I want to finish Bandera. 7 milers are not going to cut it.

this am was an easy 1 hour road run, then Steve and I watched teresa in the Silicon relays. It is always fun to watch a race and not be in it! we had a blast, except the humid weather this late in the year is a little depressing. I wouldn’t mind having to throw on a sweater. Looks like I’ll get my wish in st george. I spent most the day whipping up a vegetarian curry from the very cool irish cookbook Mike got me in Cork. Mike needed some type of computer gadget, so darn, we had to go to the Domain. I couldn’t resist spending some of my overtime money at Bettysport. there’s got to be some benefit to working all those hours, right?

So, in a few days I am outta here to kick off my running season! I am super psyched. Got 2 awesome hikes picked out, and I am happy mike decided to come along on this trip. Next post will hopefully have some cool photos of the Zion narrows….



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