Hiking in Zion…

Normally, I would not rush from a marathon to go hike, but I was in some of the most amazing country in the world. Mike and I left St George, and checked into a great little resort in walking distance to Zion national park. We hopped a shuttle into the park , and did a couple short hikes. we saw the weeping rock and the court of the patriarchs. We were just in awe. Hunger got the better of us and we headed out to another fantastic dinner. More good food and wine. We admired the desert sky at night and got up early the next morning. I had a goal of tackling the narrows, since the hike I really wanted to do, angel’s landing was closed for maintenance. Well, we found out the am, it was open which left a serious dilemma. I also completely underestimated how sore I would be. 26 miles downhill does beat up the legs pretty good. I was in pain, but nothing was going to prevent me from seeing this park. We headed off to the narrows, but did not make it very far.

We realized temps in the 40s and hiking in a riverbed all day did not sound wise, especially when we saw everyone else’s water proof shoes. Ok, angel’s Landing it is. What a great hike! It was straight up for 2 miles. Easy for me, but going down did not sound good.

We made it to scout’s landing. the last .5 mile to Angel’s landing was 100% vertical with a chain to hold onto. I didn’t think I would make it down, with my jello thighs. We were still treated to an amazing view. It’s hard to describe. Coming to places like this really do relax and inspire. it is hard to think of the daily grind and all the stressors in my life when I am somewhere like this. It also makes me feel incredibly fortunate that I get a chance to see something so awe-inspiring.

We drove back to Vegas, happy, tired and fulfilled. it was a great little weekend trip. I spent time with a lot of the people that are important to me, and got the rare treat to see a part of the world that is unlike any other. we fell asleep quickly and made it home by noon on Monday. Back to the daily grind! These kind of trips make the daily grind much more bearable.

Here is a link to more photos.


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