Let the training begin…

Now this is a hill!!! St george was my kick off for my Bandera training. I figured a marathon and then a day and a half of hiking is a good start. This week I was sick all week, so I backed off a little this weekend. Did the 10 mile greenbelt with a 4-5 mile hike afterwards, so I got 2 HIlls of Life in. This am Pancake and I did Walnut creek. It’s not too hard of a run, but it was a way to get in more trail time. A few little hills here and there. Weather permitting, next weekend will be 20 at the greenbelt. I have signed up for the Decker Double and I am planning on the 50K at Warda, so I am pretty excited the plan is in the works. I am looking forward to ultras again. It is easy to feel energized about running when we are finally saying good bye to summer. I tolerate the heat all summer and find ways to deal, but it is nice to have a change. this morning was perfect: not cold at all, but not hot.

Not much else going on…last week’s trip was so exciting that this week was a bornig week and boring weekend. Sometimes boring is good…


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