This weekend was my longest run for Bandera. I was very fortunate that my pleas for company were heard. I had Moogy, Joe, and Doise all lined up to join me. My run really started Friday night, as I truly prepared. I went to whole foods, and got fruit, chips, and vegan cookies for running snacks. I went to bed early, and had a cooler packed with a lot of water, gatorade and cokes. I planned on a 30 mile minimum, and the forecast was 85 and humid.

I planned 3 10 mile loops, but my new Garmin screwed that up, as my suspicions that the 10 mile loop wasn’t quite 10 miles was confirmed. there was no way I was going home without 30 even though I was drenched in sweat by mile 2. Joe, Moogy and I had an unevenful first loop. Moogy’s lingering hip pain flared on loop 2 and he made the right choice to call it a day. Luckily Doise and I connected right before I was starting my third loop, so I would have company. she knew a way to do a variation of the loop that would avoid, the very slick and gross grotto section. Doise was great company, as despite us not really knowing the way, we had a blast. My feet hurt, it was hot, I was getting hungry, but I was getting the miles done. On the whole, I guess I didn’t really feel that bad. The heat was better than cold and wet. The bad news was I still wouldn’t hit 30 miles, I would have to do a couple more on my own. I realized it was 100pm in the afternoon, and I had been out since 700 am. It was time to get this bee-atch over with. I grabbed a can of coke from my car and practiced my power walking for 2 more miles…Done!!! meredith swears the garmin loses track of miles on the switchbacks, and I hope she is right, because that means I had some bonus miles. I got home, inhaled a hamburger, took a shower and it was 400. Almost a whole day running…yikes.

I DRAGGED my ass out of bed at 430 this am to meet Steve for 7 more. Steve was a sport to put up with my moaning. But I did it….the biggest Bandera weekend done. Now, by no means, do I get to sit back and do nothing, but the longest day (7 hours and 41 minutes to be exact) is over. Whew!

This was one of those weekends where I really noticed how many great people running has put into my life….and that they are all so different from me and interesting. In hind sight, it went well, and I am feeling confident. I am sore today, but it’s a good feeling that I worked hard..not that it was too much for me to handle. I need to work on taking better care of my feet, and eat a little more during Bandera, but I am ready…..


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