Photo courtesy of Hill Country Trail Runners, Bandera 2007

Life has been so busy with the holidays, the process of getting a new job, and out of town weekends, that I almost forgot, I have a very tough 100K run in less than a week and a half. Oh, S—!!!

It really dawned on me today. I was thinking 2 more weeks, but it’s more like 1 more. I got home late from a crazy day at work and started list making. Maybe one day, I will actually get meds for my ADD and OCD :). Thank God for holiday weekends. I feel like I have a ton to do. Plus, rest, rest, rest. right now, I feel I need major decompression before I will be ready to run.

The weather report looks abso-friggin’ -lutely perfect, so I hope it doesn’t change. High of 70, low of 45. I can deal with with that. I may not need an entire Christmas Story snow suit for the night time that way. But this is Texas, and in the next week, things could do a 180.

I have already apologized ahead of time to Mike for the upcoming week. Race prep, covering for a co-worker, trying to transition jobs, cleaning up the Christmas fall out, and oh, yeah, trying to do a couple fun things here and there. And rest, rest, rest.

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