Looking back…

I have seen a lot of other blogs reflecting on the past year. I suppose overall I would rate 2007 as a good year. I am super fortunate to be in a position at this point in my life where I have the freedom to do a little more. I’ve advanced a little on the career ladder, and boy, does it make a difference in what you can do! Not living paycheck to paycheck is wonderful, but I do not think I will ever forget what that is like, and I ALWAYS try to do little things here and there for those who struggle. anyhow, got off topic, but here are my favorite memories of 2007:

My best run was by far the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler. I felt great the whole time and it never felt very hard. those runs are rare!!! Plus, I hit a goal, which always helps. A runner up would be Bandera, as teresa and I just had the best time, and we always seem to find ourselves in situations were we just don’t fit in, and then we have a good laugh about it.

It is hard to pick what was a more beautiful trip, Alaska, or Zion. One nice thing about Zion, was it was just Mike and I. We probably had not had a trip with just us since we first got married. It was a such a nice time and made me realize how important husband vacations are, not just trips with girlfriends.

I was happy to hit a goal right before the end of the year in getting my new job. I loved what I was doing, but it was a position with no mobility and I knew at some point I would need a challenge. I am happy I found a path to take with my new position, and I will be very challenged and my brain will definitely get some stimulation.

So, running goals for 2008 are still undecided. I still have unfinished business with the 100 miler, but I think Bandera will determine my next move on that one, so I will have to wait and see. I always have the goal to stay injury free, and keep running a big part of my life. Throughout the year, I always kept in the back of my mind the fact I am very fortunate to get to do these runs, and I always feel gratitude. I had a lot of fantastic adventures in the past year, and plan to continue the trend as long as I am able to.


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