It’s COLD…

Photo: grackles bathing at Town Lake.

Wow….what a cold run this am!!! Friday I broke down and registered for the Austin marathon. I realized saturday that if I wanted a long run partner, the only weekend Stephanie would both be in town, and it wouldn’t be too close to the race, would be this weekend. So late saturday afternoon, I planned a 20 miler for this am. It was still a little soon after Bandera, but I figured what the heck. I watched the temp plummet over night, and by my 430 wake up call, it was 26 degrees out. This is unheard of, top of Mt Everest in the winter, holy f—in’ shit, cold for Austin. It just never gets this cold here. I wore a long sleeve, a fleece, tights, a fleece hat, fleece gloves, with a second pair over them, and smart wool socks. I also wore my camel back, so my hand would not have to hold a water bottle, and could stay balled up, under my sleeve. We started out, and I thought “This isn’t so bad”, but we had 2 hours until it got light, and it would not be getting warmer until then. My hands were aching despite the 2 layers of gloves. I just got cold….uncomfortably cold. I think even stephanie was cold. We did 10 miles with Steve, and hit the trail for 10 more, and stephanie and I both realized out gatorade was frozen. I was sipping a slushy, slurpee like drink in my camel back. The trail did look neat though. Steam coming off the water, frost everywhere, and little icicles. The sun came out the last 5 miles or so, and then it really didn’t seem bad at all, but I was very chilled until I took a shower. As I write this I am watching the Packers/ Giants game and it is -3 degrees. I simply cannot process how cold it must be. My fingertips are still tingling from 26. I really am a wimp.

I am starting a week off work. I need it. I am thrilled to start my new job next week, but cannot help but to feel some resentment and anger I was managed out of my old job. Looking for the silver lining…I needed to make a change, and the new job is a step up. It is still a tough pill to swallow that new management did not see the value of RNs, and made things uncomfortable enough for us, that 2 of the 3 RNs quit. Kinda feels like defeat…but I know this happens to a lot of folks at some point in their careers. Anyhow, still not an easy thing to accept. I am happy to have the time off, and I am already feeling more refreshed.

Looks like I am pacing at Rocky Raccoon. gotta work out the little details with Doise, but she asked me to run loop 4 with her. Doise is mentally tough, and should finish. It should be a fun weekend. It will also benefit me, in that I get to revisit the 100 miler without doing one, and really get a little more of a feel for even considering one again.

So, it should be a great week. Rain is forcast everyday, but I don’t care. I have cleaning plans, movies to see, going to hit the Blanton museum and hopefully finish up reading the Golden Compass. Somtimes we just need to do nothing…..


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